Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Well, I missed last week's report cause I was just about dead when I got

back from work. I almost missed this week's cause I was swimming in my

pool...but never fear, Crix is here.


I've challenged Saris to see if she can fly 20 battles in 2 weeks...if she does it she gets a nice new medal, if not she will be the laughing stock of the house (j/k, we'll still love you)

No changes in membership. In the last 2 weeks Destavol has transfered to the rogues then back to archanis...make up your mind damnit.

I want to open a new TIE squad, I'm getting lazy and don't wanna type. All the details are in my other mail. If you need it talk to me and I'll hook you up.

I'm going on leave starting tomorrow night through sunday night. Saris will be filling in for me. Direct everything you'd normally send to me to her (but CC me so I have a copy). I'll be back sunday night/monday morning.


NOV Conjre: CF

SW Smittrock: DC

GRD Brouillard: C w/r x2

GRD Hev Randrowan: C w/s

SW Az: C w/a x2, C w/s

SW Pellaeon: C w/s

JH Neko C w/r

SW Doe:C w/a

ACO Saris: DC


NOV Saris to ACO

GRD Kevin Pryde to JH

Alright, that's it for this report. Remember, I'm always here in you need me.

Da QUA, Sith Warroir Crix Madine.

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