Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Hey! You there!

The past week has been a rather succesful one. Cru and Cooch played a JK1 battle (somebody won - they refused to tell me :P). Cru's sent out a mail to get Cymbre and Cooch for a

happy threesome - looks like we're getting training on stack. Ryell is still on movement so no real JK2 going on. I haven't heared anything from Obsidian (again) (see below) - wich kinda

upsets me a bit.

I've good connections with Alvaak's PCON and maybe I can arrange a House-to-House training session. Maybe even some kind of partnership. We'll see. Other than that, be always on the

lookout for competitions. Most JK comps cover JK1 and JK2 so there shouldn't be any problems. What we need is online gaming experience.

Cooch just sent out a mail to the entire CSP groups concerning promotions. If you think you deserve one, talk to me and Obsidian - we'll evaluate and you might even get one :) In

addition I am offering every junior member that beats me and is below JH a promotion (see below)!

The positions of Banshee Sgt. and Rollmaster are still open and I got no apps. I know that you people all like to stay without responsibility, but the house needs you. Give yourself a push

and apply! I won't be too hard with you - plus it's a way to get noticed :)

Remember that there are four items currently on:

 Banshee Sgt. - it's open for grabs and I'm ready to throw it at anybody who just raises a hand.   

 Rollmaster - same as above - though I expect at least a bit of activity   

 House Motto - The current one is "The monkeys are listening..." since it's not a very intriguing one, I expect you guys to come up with something better. A DC is up for grabs   

 Get promoted! You think you are good in JK2? You are below JH? Then challenge your Quaestor to a game! If you beat him, you will get promoted!   


(Obsidian, that's your last chance. I want an explanation why you are not capable of sending me reports within 72 hours or you'll be fired. In addition I want regular reports in my inbox by




Battlelord Michael Halcyon

°([///[[/[*]/]]///[[#/ ( )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

OBL Michael Halcyon (Obelisk)/QUA/Dorimad Sol of Scholae Palatinae [GMRG:CRU-S],


FA(ret.), IC/GOE/SS/ISMx4/MoIx2/MoC/IS-1SR/LoAx7/OV-5E [IWATS-ASP-M/1/2-PHP/1/2-SM/1],</bow>

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