Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Well it's been a fairly slow week for the Sith Order, as I've been away most of it, and haven't had much chance to do anything. This weekend isn't going to be much better, as it is the Canada Day long weekend, and I'm working all 4 days of, yay.

Anyways, a quick rundown...

1) ON SBL Tarkin's suggestion, I promoted long serving QUA of House Oriens Obscurum, SBM Reaper, to SBL. This promotion earmarked his retirement from the position after a long battle with real life issues, and those damn things always seem to come out on top. Congrats Reaps, and I hope to see you back soon.

2) Two other promotions of mention in the Sith Order: Congratulations to DJK Dolza, and DJK Murkrow Defender, who have both recently recieved their lightsabers!

3) I have tracked down SW Shakur to create some graphics for the new Sith Order page, and they should be ready soon. I will be starting to program it in ASP soon. As such, I'll be talking to the QUAs of Houses for information I need soon to be added.

4) Also, all DB Multiplayer Competitions have been closed due to lack of participation. We've already had one request from CSK to start a new one on Fridays, so the best of luck to them. I'll be posting details on this new comp soon.

That's it from me folks.

Fly Fast and Shoot Straight

Sith High Warrior

Warlord Keirdagh Cantor

"Beware, the Ides of March are Upon you!"

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