Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Edition #019 - June 29th, 2002


New month coming, which means either the end of the monthly comps and the start of the so feared AWOL check. Be sure to not lose that chance, because it'll be the last one for most of you.

The squadron reports were a little messed up, with Janos on leave and DujHod sending earlier than usual. No word from Bond still, but he has said something to me about a major leave sometime before...


There are a huge amount of stuff to do. There's no excuse for lazyness...

<li>Participation points listing</li>

All stuff you do shall come through me for points.

Also, the points table is on Quaestor's Office, Room 1501 of the Kressh Fortress


There are still a lot of things to do:

HLK Flying comp: Fly at least one of the 3 missions and try for the higher score. More details here.

Monthly Flying comp: Send all pilot files from SP missions you fly on the month to Janos Silverwulf and CC me. Last days...

Monthly Melee comp: If you fly a MP match against another member on HLK, remember to register the results on the MP ladder on Tactical Room - Level 02 of the Kressh Fortress. Last days...

HLK Trivia comp: Abel Malik's Episode I new comp. Details here

CNS Consul's Comp: Details here

Fight Among Equals: Diamond represents HLK on a great feud. Details here

<li>On the Works</li>

Communication is critically down on HLK, so I reinforce here the use of the message board.(To the Message Board)

In order to have access to the Message Board you'll have to finish registering your profile on the Kressh Fortress. Explaining in a simple way, I need everyone that still didn't go there to please enter here and fill your profile. I know the site seems weird at first view, but you'll soon find some logic in it. To have an overview of the Fortress, click on the Base Directory on the lower part of the screen. If you are GRD or under, you should be on some room on Level 8. If you're JH or DJK, try Level 11. SW+ are on Levels 13, 14 and 15 on the VIP rooms. If you are really hopeless and could not find your quarters after that, try the Rollmaster's Office (Level 13 - room 1301). There's a roster with the room assignment for everybody on the crew. Just click the number of the room beside your name. To those who have never entered the profile information, the temporary password is "12341234". Yep, that easy, that stupid... So remember to change it when entering your info.
Another thing, if you feel like to idle the Fortress and find an empty spot you think you can fill with something, be it a informative text or even a good set of pictures or anything else, please send me your proposal. It's a really imense work to fill all the places on this magestic construction, so I'll need all help I can. Medals on mailbox if you do something really interesting...

<li>Awards, Promos and stuff</li>

Nothin new right now...

<li>The Squads</li>

On a first note, according to the new standards for Battleteams, I think it's good for the squadrons to have a link to the Squadron webpage on future reports. If the squad don't have a webpage, fix one asap...

Diamond: The feud against other 2 squads from other houses is the main focus for Diamond.

Sapphire: Janos got some RL emergency and will not be there for the next week..

Emerald: Bond assigned CMDR. Need to allocate motto, webpage and Flight Leaders.

<li>Closing Notes</li>

There's a lot of things to do and on the 1st of the next month I'll start the AWOL check. If you don't do a thing to help the activity on the House and just answer the AWOL check, you'll be maintained on the roster, but it'll look pretty bad for you. Think about it, afterall it's not so hard to fly a mission or write nonsense on a message board...

Also, I still want to hear from ya. If you have any issue, any kind of trouble, a question or simply want to send me to someplace weird, don't hesitate and click [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and say it. I can be sure you'll be heard (or read in this case) and maybe you can do a great favor to you and to me.

Well, enough babbling.

SBM Scithe (Sith)/QUA/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow,


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