Sith Wars Final Results


Sith Wars Final Results

Here are the Final Results for the Sith Wars:

After a long fought three way battle, House Archanis has secured, and defended it's holding of the title, The First House of the Sith.  Caliburnus has risen to the Second House of the Sith, and possibly, in the greatest leap seen in Brotherhood History, House Ronin of Clan Alvaak has arrived, and secured for itself, the title Third House of the Sith, the first such title ever to be bestowed upon Clan Alvaak, after the great Clanning.  Well done everyone!  

Here are the event by event breakdown of scores.

  1. House Archanis
    Ev I: 16
    Ev II: 7.5
    Ev III: 20
    Ev IV: 82
    Tot: 125.5
  2. House Caliburnus
    Ev I: 12
    Ev II: 0
    Ev III: 49
    Ev IV: 41
    Tot: 102
  3. House Ronin
    Ev I: 13
    Ev II: 6
    Ev III: 47
    Ev IV: 13
    Tot: 79
  4. House Ludo Kressh
    Ev I: 11
    Ev II: 8
    Ev III: 3
    Ev IV: 31
    Tot: 53
  5. House Oriens Obscurum
    Ev I: 11
    Ev II: 4
    Ev III: 1
    Ev IV: 36
    Tot: 52
  6. House Galthain
    Ev I: 8
    Ev II: 7
    Ev III: 18
    Ev IV: 9
    Tot: 42
  7. House Tridens
    Ev I: 10
    Ev II: 6
    Ev III: 1
    Ev IV: 25
    Tot: 42

    In the Battleteam race... a strong showing (and I mean strong) has stolen the rights to a new starfighter from House Caliburnus' Nightstalker Squadron, and landed those rights in the laps of Hyperion Flight of House Archanis, one of the oldest Squadrons in the Brotherhood. Archanis/Hyperion, I'll be mailing you about details later, as will I be with Nightstalker and Harbinger (the third place Squad) about those "future considerations" I mentioned on the Sith Wars Website.

Here is the final score of the Battleteam Scoring:

  1. Hyperion
    Ev III: 5
    Ev IV: 69
    Total: 74
  2. Nightstalker
    Ev III: 40
    Ev IV: 1
    Total: 41
  3. Harbinger
    Ev III: 25
    Ev IV: 4
    Total: 29
  4. Delphian
    Ev III: 7
    Ev IV: 11
    Total: 18
  5. Nightshade
    Ev III: 6
    Ev IV: 5
    Total: 11
  6. Sub-Zero
    Ev III: 0
    Ev IV: 10
    Total: 10
  7. Shadowmorph
    Ev III: 6
    Ev IV: 4
    Total: 10
  8. Pandragon
    Ev III: 0
    Ev IV: 6
    Total: 6
  9. Black Omega
    Ev III: 3
    Ev IV: 3
    Total: 6
  10. Crimson Vanguard
    Ev III: 0
    Ev IV: 3
    Total: 3
  11. Emerald
    Ev III: 0
    Ev IV: 2
    Total: 2
  12. Sapphire
    Ev III: 1
    Ev IV: 1
    Total: 2
  13. Apocalypse
    Ev III: 1
    Ev IV: 0
    Total: 1

    Now, some of you might object to this scoring for Event IV. I know for a fact I put some N/As in there for people who do have Squads but did not list them. You may see this as unfair, I do not. If you are unable to follow the simple instructions of "Put your Battleteam name in your EMAIL" then I am not going to grant you any leniency. If this cost your Squadron points that could have been used to win the competition, hopefully you learned your lesson.

That's it folks, and Well Fought.
Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood
Colonel, Warlord Keirdagh "Yacko" Cantor

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