Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Weekly Aedile Report #1

To begin with, I want to thank our Questor, KAP Sabé, for her confidence in appointing me the new Aedile for this wonderful House. Second, I want to congratulate KP Khaen as the new Tetrarch for Drynwyn's Flame and DJK Corde as the new <span class="657481917-29062002">O</span>athmaster. Congratulations!

Don't forget these competitions:

  • <font face="Arial">Visions of the future: Write a 2 page story or a 30 line poem. Send it to Cymbre and Sabé.</font>

  • <font face="Arial">Krath Topics: This month, the topic is "The Sabre". Write a poem or a story about it. Submissions to </font>[Log in to view e-mail addresses]<font face="Arial"> </font>

DJK Loor (Krath)/AED/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [SE / DC] {SA: CORE-CH-O:KS}

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