Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Hello Dark Minions,

It has been a really quiet week, at least from what we clan summit dudes can see. We just lost Death to the reserves (have fun with your German duties), but we have gained three new sithies: ACO Alsdyr, ACO Aeolus Almasy, GRD Zzythnu (Sith). We also got a new Krath dude: DJK Titus. Welcome to the crazy clan known as Scholae Palatinae!

The clan feud with CSK has hit a bit of a roadblock with the GM. We were aiming to have a capital ship as the prize, but he doesnt seem to like that idea. He wants the losing clan to have to serve the other for a full month. I have spoken with the other PCON and he dislikes this as much as I do. So we might just hold the feud with no clan rewards, but this wont affect individuals getting medals for hard work :) Hopefully we can start this up in about two weeks (the goal). We may be able, however, to start the competition Dae has outlined for us if the feud will look to take longer than expected to start. I am attempting to get all details for that sorted out now. So expect something big to happen soon :)

Also please know that our mIRC channel #csp is a "loose" channel. So we poke fun at each other and sometimes kick one another out. But this is done between friends and NOT to harrass other members. If we catch you doing this... you will be in trouble. Also know who you are talking to when you make jokes, not everything is funny to everyone. So go chat it up but play nice :P

PCON Saitou

squirrel master of CSP

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