Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings all,

Apologies for this late report but as most of you know I was infected with a virus, so anyway enough of my misfortune and on with the report.

We have a new member within Cestus and I would like everyone to give a warm welcome to PRT Justinian Leviticus Maximus, and he has requested to be placed into Armoured Fist so SGT Zetar you need to introduce yourself to your new Trooper.

Okay unfortunately I will not be online as much next week as I am in Maastricht so I will leave the running this week in the capable hands of our AED so any problems speak with DJK Gelton Torr.


The roster currently stands at 11 members.

OW Ziguarath - QUA

DJK Darkov

DJK Gelton Torr - AED

GRD Glorfindel - SGT Battalion of Fear

JH Blackhero

PRT Talon Zetar - SGT Armoured Fist

PRT Jusinian Leviticus Maximus

PRT Sukuth - RollMaster

PRT Zekk

ACO Daryan

NOV Sauron


I am happy to report that activity continues to grow with more members online all the time and playing lots of JK, dont let the activity slide now we have achieved this much.

And now we see new members expressing an interest in Joining as well good work guys and get out there and recruit.


Okay there are lots of competitions running at the moment so I will list them all for you.

Clan Tarentum Competition the competition details are Tarentum as your subject and you decide what you submit for the competition so be creative and go and get some points.

JK2 competition organised byTalon Zetar this competition has nearly finished as far as I know as most matches have been played.

Myself and Gelton Torr are hosting a house competition to design a picture for the website and a banner for the site so get creative.

GRD Glorfindel is hosting a JK1 competition so dig out your copies of JK1 and play anyone in Cestus to score your points and dont forget to get your screenshots to verify your wins.

Sgt Talon Zetar is also holding a fiction competition so open up your word programmes and get some writing done it is based on the guidlines Jedi Training.

Remember this competitions have been organised for your enjoyment so lets see some good activity.


The following Dark Jedi received Clusters of Fire this week.

DJK Gelton Torr x 1

GRD Talon Zetar x 1

PRT Sukuth x 3

PRT Zekk x 1

Congratulations to the above recipients for there work.

Zig salutes you all


GRD Talon Zetar will be on leave for 2 weeks.


PRT Justinian Leviticus Maximus has joined us from Rogue.

I have also joined my email address again so update your address books my new address is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Okay guys I will see you in the week unless you see me first.

OW Ziguarath(Obelisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG:INI][KSOE:CC2] GC/(SC)/DC/(BN)/Cr-1R-1D-1A/CF {SA:CORE-CH}

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