Aedile Report


Aedile Report


Greetings Jedis,

I appologize for being late with my report, but yesterday was quite a busay day for me. But now I can present it to you:

Let´s start with competitions:

Not much has changed there: Talon Zetars both comps are still in progress as well as the comps of Ziguarath, Glorfindel and my own.

Our CON Ciara´s clanwide competition with the topic "Tarentum" is still running as well.I think Cestus is starting to get active in it.

Now to the roster: There I have good news. We gained a new member. May I introduce to you PRT Justinian Leviticus Maximus. He already asked Ziguarath and me to be placed in Armored Fist and we granted his wish. I´m sure he will become another active and dedicated member of Cestus.

There were no elevations or promotions this week, but let´s see what happens next week.

This concludes my report. Thank you for your attention.

                                                                                In Deep Respect  

                                                                                DJK Gelton Torr  

DJK Gelton Torr (Obelisk)/AED/Cestus of Tarentum

(SC)/DC/Cr-1D-2R/CF {SA: CORE-CH} </bow>

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