Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report


The sergeant came in, walking with a fast pace as he was late for his team report. He sat down on his new big black chair then looked at the bored faces of his battleteam. Then realised just how late he was.

Ok as you all know I was on leave last week so thats why there was no report. Theres been quite alot going on this week so I will start with comps.

COMPS: Ok my comp started on wednesday, so I am not yet going to start bitching about you guys not particapating just keep it that way please and do some playing.

The Consul has a major comp going on at the moment and the platform is EVERYTHINK, yes thats right anythink clan or house releted is welcome wether it be a graphic or a new level ETC. it will be a points system and the one withes the highest amout of points will abviously win. here a link http://www21.brinkster.com/clantarentum/news.html.

Talon Zetar is currently hosting a house JKII tourney with 3 ladders: gun

no force, sabers no force, sabers full force. You will have to play once

against all other participants. Please mail Talon Zetar and Ziguarath if you

want to join.

QUA Ziguarath is running a graphics comp. The task is to design an

opening page for the house site, which is by the way http://ncooper.bei.t-online.de/cestus and is hosted by Ziguarath himself. the maximum size is

800x600 but it can be smaller. Deadline is July 15th.

AED gelton is also running a comp, this one is a graphic comp for the house. so any off you with a graphic program send and entrie in.

Talon Zetar is also hosting a fiction comp. There you have to write a story

about an event during the training time of a young Dark Jedi. It can be a

fictional character or yourself. Minimum length is 50 words.

TRAINING= ok i am sick and tired of waiting for this modem so i will be a spectator in training which is going to be at 19:00GMT in #tarentum

ok not much of a rep this week but i only got back on tuesday, the only other news i can think of is that theres a new member in the house but i dont know what BT yet so send him welcome letter: )that is all dissmissed

GRD Glorfindel (Obelisk)/SGT/Cestus of Tarentum



FM/LT Glorfindel/Kraken 2-2/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator

{IWATS} </bow>

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