Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Hi all to this weeks Report!

Mai wanted to know what our clan possessions were, so we went out and tried to figure out what the clan did own!

the results? well we are a poor clan! :P no really i think what we got is so little that even midium sized pirate groups not

would only laugh off their a++ looking at us but also actually can come in and beat the hell out of us. actually out of

most clans as well (me guesses). with the restriction put on us not to come up with possessions our selves and in the

same time having FF and Ast not willing to hand out stuff that would reflect powerful clans we are stuck with our stones

and sticks to go beat our enemies. having the clan own some decent stuff would not hurt as there is no stratigical or

tactical value a clan would have over another in any comp. i mean if let's say FF hands CSK a death star, and we go to

a comp with another clan who only got a CRV, would this death star in any way gaurantee us a win? i say no

only you guys make the diffrence, only you decide over a win or a loss. so either we have some real cool possessions

reflecting the power of the 7 DJB clans , that untill now i thought to be mighty, or we simply do away with all of this

possessions talk!!

aside from that a quite week here (member wise)in CSK, this reflected in no roster changes and no promos.

not so quite for us at summit lvl where we are hammering out the last details for the fued against csp!

ok to say the truth most of it stands already, only got to submit to the dgm site and get a website up for it.

so starting date will be 4th of july if all goes well!

last but not least galthain got a new site, layout by enah and coding by ari, cool work you two! :)


more medals this week, all go to kirleta, i hope the clan feud would generate more activity and medals from every one in the clan

and not only the obelisk with their cool JO :P

yetonce mre i congratulate the following persons:

GRD Reza (Obelisk): Cluster of Fire (CF) x12

OWL Rizlib (Obelisk): Cluster of Fire (CF) x4

JH Cray Mikalen (Obelisk): Cluster of Fire (CF)

JH Magus Lionheart (Obelisk): Cluster of Fire (CF) x2

JH Magus Lionheart (Obelisk): Crescent w/ Ruby Star (R)

congrats on the nice work and keep the activity up!


as i said after the promo feast last week none this time

In & Out:

steady at 61 , no changes. not bad, but ould have been better if we gained some


this is it from me this week, cya next week this time around! :P

SBL Gord Darkonian PCON CSK

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