Consul Report


Consul Report

Dark dudes and dudettes! (TM)

This week has been busy for me. Read the PCON's report and you'll see that it's me who does all the work. He goes on about how quiet it's been. Blimey charlie...

Loads of competitions have finished this week that I need to mark, and I am happy to see that so many people from the Clan put in pieces for the Krath Monthly Topics. Thanks for making my job so difficult. The results for this will be out at the end of the week. The Master/Student Competition finished this week as well and I still have to finish off the marking. This will be done tomorrow at the latest.

Darkmage is on leave now. That means that Dae Cam is the Sithie Daddy now. His word is law and if anyone messes about under his command I'll feed you to Saitou's squirrels!

The Clan Vs Clan comp that we have been working on isn't as far gone as the scaremongering PCON would have you believe. It is still well on track and even though there may not be a ship to fight over, there are still some very big shiny medals for individual winners. The GM actually said we wouldn't get a big ship such as a VSD, which doesn't count out another cruiser or something.

This competition will be starting very soon indeed, so get yourselves ready...

That is all...

KE Cuchulain (Krath)/P:KHP-CON/Clan Scholae Palatinae


"We must use our powers to extinguish the light..."

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