Aedile Report


Aedile Report

<div> <div align="center">NEWS FROM THE OFFICE OF AED:HMR #6 (Mon, July 1, 2002)</div> <div align="center">DJK Tomaas Banys</div> <div> </div> <div>::bow::</div> <div> </div> <div>THE VISIONS</div>

  • I have returned.

    • KMT for June 2002 has finished.
    • The HMR Combat Tournament is about to begin! Prepare yourself wisely.
  • I will start HMR Lectures this week. Tremble. ;)

<div>Be happy, active and rocking! :)</div> <div> </div> <div>THE PROJECTS</div> <div> </div> <div>Here is a brief list of current HMR projects.</div> <div> </div> <div>HMR Website Project [KP J'Rai & DA Mejas Doto] VERY HIGH PRIORITY /BETA/ {ok}
HMR Inter-Phyle Comp [KP J'Rai & DJK Tomaas Banys] HIGH PRIORITY /REDESIGN/ {ok}
HMR Lectures [DJK Tomaas Banys] MEDIUM PRIORITY /BETA/ {ok}
</div> <div>_HMR E-mail RPG [DJK Tomaas Banys] LOW PRIORITY /COMPLETE/

{ok}</div> <div>
</div> <div>THE WORDS</div> <div> </div> <div>Combat tournament. _New Krath Monthly Topic. RPG Simming. The summer is just beginning... get to it people! The fate of the House is in your hands. </div> <div> </div> <div>Points:</div> <div> </div> <div><font size="1">Arcadius - 3</font></div> <div>Kant - 5</div> <div>Meredith - 28
Shadowspawn - 15
Solo - 14 (60)
</div> <div>Keiraan - 3</div> <div> </div> <div>The upgraded guidelines for point system are available at the Office of the Aedile, should you be curious what, where and why.</div> <div> </div> <div>"I have nothing against kids-as long as they go home with their parents at the end of the day."</div> <div>--Corran Horn</div> <div> </div> <div>THE COMPASS</div> <div> </div> <div> Dark Brotherhood home - Emperor's Hammer homepage - House Marka Ragnos messageboard - Our House homepage - version 1</div> <div> - Our House homepage - version 2</div> <div> </div> <div>Let the executions begin! ;)</div> <div> </div> <div>*DJK Tomaas Banys (Krath)/AED/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow
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