Aedile Report


Aedile Report

oops, sorry about that guys, and sorry about this report being a day late, as you can see, my email's been giving me a lot of trouble, but anywayz, onto the report

1- Bob is officially on leave, which means im incharge (cue scary music) nah but seriously tho, it jus means everything gets sent to me and cc'ed to him instead of the other way around and if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to ask. And no, there will not be a temporary AED, unless i feel the need to appoint one, which i dont right now, so =P

2- Feud is in full effect, i expect you guys to be idling in #tarentum and #arcona, as well as the other normal channels. Find out whos in their clans that suck and beat them in JK =P, all matches should be sent to me as well, with screenshots.... c'mon guys, there should be no reason why we cant beat Arcona and Tarentum, I know for a fact that we're better then them... so let's get playing

3- My AWOL Check. Now Many of you don't like it, or refuse to answer it, or whatever, but that's messed up. I'm extending it two weeks from today. July 15. Thats a full month from when I started it. The following people have replied:





Keyron Rai



That's it.... so im gonna restate what I want, so everybody's clear:

One paragraph, describing yourself and your history in the EH, you can even tell me about your pet for all i care, as long as ya jus tell me a little something about yourself

Now, obviously, people havent replied who are active, but I thin it's stupid that you can't take 5 minutes to write me a paragraph if you're so active.... and it shows almost a lack of respect for me, and that you won't take me seriously.... i'm not asking for a lot, and I do have the power to give medals and stuff out, so if you guys want stuff in the future, just write me a paragraph!!! =P You have until July 15

#4- Ill be on IRC a lot more this week, look for `Raist

#5- Anything you guys do, email me and tell me about it, that way I can figure out who's truly active and who isn't

Good luck guys, kick some ass in this feud and show them HPG rocks people



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