Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

My competition:


deadline Today I may extend it by 1-2 days as i know of some

late entries: so if i haven't got your entry why not!

I have entries from:

  1. Ahriman's saboath

  2. Blade

  3. Tae

  4. Vance

  5. Me (don't worry i won't win!)

SO ALL YOU OTHER 16 people where are you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


=========== SYSTEM COMP ===========

invent a new system: minimum of 3 planets 1 page size 14 font

each I want people culture facilities and size populations

and military instilations etc. as well as beliefs and diplomatic

status lots of details!!!!!



Soon to start again anyone needing the compilation yell!



Update: http://www.manicflat.freeserve.co.uk/ektrosis/news.htm

A few tweeks to keep Mairin happy, have a browse and see what

you think!



I've moved house freeserve soon yay! So here comes my presence

back to IRC yaayayaya! I shall now do the personel trials cards

this week my job of the week!



I want to start getting weekly reports from you all:

thats mainly to oct and raist atm bubbs has been

submiting I know however that exams are still on

the cards so there will be a 2 week period of me

being nice: lets face it i've been lax of late!

Anyone not in a team tell me which you want to be in :-)

Jedi Trials:


The site has the details for everything at the moment so look

over these, I shall do everyones card this week and then we

can start looking at getting you all promos up to DJK over

the next several months!

AWOL checks!


By order of KHP Mairin i've got to start the AWOL checks...

So swithcing into the report checks:

nice and easy everyone gets a number 1; every week they

dont send any egroup/personal mail to me they go up a number.

Anyone awol for 4 weeks has to be removed! so keep about.

If you need leave mail me personally and you get LOA not

a number!

Arion Sunrider1


Aragorn Unteminar1

Betja Jun1

Baron Fel1



Raistline Majere1



Airchios Elcyk1



James Dragon1

Nequek Sr'teba1


Sharlea Scorpion1

Vance Farahl1

Quan Chi1


Marcus Taeleon1




That's all folks :-)


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