Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report


Eeek, Freds taken over the Report!, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Incomming Message from your new GOD!

Arrf Arrf Arrf

Greetings, I am minister Fred the Seal, here to preach the word of Seal

How ya all doing eh? Sinning? Distrupiting gods work? GOOD.

To me, God is not up there, God is down here in me. Yes, thats right, I am God!

People bow before me, and present gifts of vodka and women to me, or else I cause fire within your rooms, and rashes in funny places on your body.

*Minister Fred the Seal does a evil laugh

Remember, I will strike down on those who dont Sin, and those who do not take me for the God, and all mighty Leader.

Arrf Arrf Arrf

In Anger

Minister Fred the Seal

"I drank you under the table"

*End Transmission

Seal News in Breif

Battleteam Competition Arrf

Clan Competitions Arrf

Order Competitions Arrf

Leave Arrf

Awards / Promotions Arrf

AED Request Arrf

Web Page Arrf

CNS Messageboard Arrf

Feud Arrf

Roster Arrf

In Closing

Battleteam Competition Arrf

Please Read this carefully arrf

For those who remember, this is similar to the Monthly Flying Compeition mixed together with the Kings of Tomorrow Compeition

Basically, when you particpate in something, email me the results and I will allocate you points.

At the end of the month, the Trooper with the most points will win a Crescent with a Sapphire Star (Cr-1s).

For Example:

Include my email address ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) when you report your MP match results, when you are submitting grahpics / fiction and i will automatically award points.

Even if your participation is directed towards another compeition, if you still include me on the email, I will still award you points, as long as it fits the Participation Type (Yes, I realise that I spelt it wrong on the web site).

For example:

Valin got awarded 10 points for comming first in the Weapon of Choice Compeition.

Here is a list of the Points (Taken Directly out of the webpage):

Participation Type Points

Win a JK MP Battle 5

Draw a JK MP Battle 3

Lose a JK MP Battle 2

Create a JK Map 10

Create Graphics 5 to 10

Create Fiction 2 per page

Create a Web Page SGT Decision

Complete a IWATS Course 5

First in a Competition 10

Second in a Compeition 6

Third in a Competition 4

Participation in a Compeition 2

http://www24.brinkster.com/crimsonsapphire/element/ <-- Check out both the Points and Competition Page

Any questions etc, make sure to email me.

Clan Compeitions Arrf

All house Compeition entries should be sent to

CON Dark Jedi Knight Elminster Keldorn [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

QUA Bob [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

A Competition to recruit the largest number of members into the folds of Clan Naga Sadow.

The member who successfully recruits the largest number will receive a Crescent with Ruby Star, while second place will receive an Amethyst Star and the third placed individual will receive a Sapphire Star.

A competition to design an original logo for Clan Naga Sadow.

There are no restrictions, other than the words "Naga Sadow" should be included within it somewhere.

The member who creates the winning logo (As decided by the CON and PCON) will receive a Crescent with Ruby Star, while second place will receive an Amethyst Star and the third placed individual will receive a Sapphire Star.

A Competition to find the most talented and most active member of each House within Clan Naga Sadow, each winner will be allotted a special title depicting their Order, as decided by the respective QUA.

Each activity is allotted a certain number of points (Decided upon by the respective QUA with assistance from the CON and PCON) depending on the quality or quantity;

-Battles; Flying a Battle in any Platform will result in 10 points each.  

-Free Missions; Flying a Free Mission will result in 2 points each.  

-Multiplayer; Competing in Multiplayer (XvT/XWA/JK/JK2) will result in 5 points, and if won, will result in an extra 2 points.  

-Fiction; Creating a fiction will result in between 5-30 points, decided upon by the QUA, CON and PCON.  

-Graphics; Creating a graphic will result in between 3-15 points, decided upon by the QUA, CON and PCON.  

-Miscellaneous; Any other activity will be allotted points by the QUA, CON and PCON.  

The winning individual from each House will receive a Star of Eos, while the second placed individual will receive a Crescent with Amethyst Star and third place will earn a Sapphire Star.

Order Competitions Arrf

Here is a list of Obby Comps that are avaiable at the moment:


Sputnik War

Location: #Alvaak

Time: 2PM - 4PM EST (-5 GMT)

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA, Rebellion, SW:GB

Host: Frey


Archanis Training Night

Location: #Archanis

Time: 8PM - 10PM EST (-5 GMT)

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA, SW:GB

Host: Darkfinn


Obelisk Tournament

Location: #obelisk

Time: 3:00PM EST (-5 GMT)

Platforms: JK, JK2

Host: Sharad, Hawk


Offensive Strike Training

Location: #csp

Time: 11:30AM - 3:30PM EST (-5 GMT)

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA

Host: Demosthenes

Leave Arrf

The following people are on leave

Bob - until the 12 / 13 of July

Valin - Unknown (2 - 3 Months)

Awards / Promotions Arrf

Valin - Crecsent with a Sapphire Star for first place in Weapon of Choice Compeition

CrimsonAngel - Cluster of Fire for a JK2 Win in a Comp

CrimsonAngel - Promotion to OBM <


AED Request Arrf

You guys know if you havent or have forfilled the AED's request. Here is his email to remind you:

#2- I want some info from every single person in this house. It's going to be sent to me and me only. Not to the Egroups. I repeat


I wanna know a little bit about every single person in this house. What games ya own, your EH/DB History, If ya use IRC, if ya even know how to use IRC, what ur nick is? Do ya like JK1 or JK2? Do ya even own either? what settings ya like, what are your talents in webpage design, lol, whatever u feel fit to tell me, I dont care, just tell me as much about yourself as you feel is relevant, and please take this seriously, it's gonna give me the opportunity to meet and talk to some of you personally, and it's also going to double as an AWOL Check, meaning everybody who doesn't reply and at least tell me a little something about themselves is out of HPG.

Im gonna put a deadline of about two weeks or so on this, cuz it isn't that hard to do, so by July 1, I should be expecting an email in my box from each of you

Aight guys, as always im open to questions/comments/concerns or whatever, if u just wanna email me and say I suck ass as an AED, feel free, or if ya feel im doin a great job, lemme know, communication is going to be the key for this house to rock all future competitions, and im going to work on getting us an IRC Channel, PERMANENTLY so stay tuned to that

Aight guys, im out, be sure to write me an email, and ill be back with some more info and updates in a few days, if ya see me on IRC, be sure to say wassup

Web Page Arrf

It has begun


Basic layout with most vital information up and running so far!

Comments, death threats, gifts of vodka are welcome!

I will be updating it later today I think

CNS Message Board Arrf

There is like 5 people out of CNS who are posting on the message board. Lets try and get more people posting!

http://www.ehnet.org/mb/viewforum.php?f=20 <-- Go Spam it ;) I COMMAND YOU!

Feud Arrf

No idea on whats going on here. Apparently it was meant to start yesterday, but it didnt, and rumor has it that it has been delayed. Go poke out CON and PCON until the tell you whats going on.

Roster Arrf

Name : Dark Element

Motto: We have guns and pointy sticks and we're not afraid to use them!

Webpage: http://www24.brinkster.com/crimsonsapphire/element/

Commander: OBM CrimsonAngel

Mascot: Minister Fred the Seal

Members: 9/12

OB Trooper: Valin Darkfyre

OB Trooper: Marcus Caine

OB Trooper: Khevron Rai

OB Trooper: DarkApocalypse

OB Trooper: Z'Lar Kahn

OB Trooper: Darken Des-Kin

OB Trooper: Jadon Treg

OB Trooper: Pheniox

OB Trooper: TBA

OB Trooper: TBA

OB Trooper: TBA

In Closing

*CrimsonAngel finally get the report back off Fred

Yes, Fred has declared him as your new God. Fear Him

Slow week, i think many people are waiting for the Feud. Make sure you are ready.

When you are active, make sure you email me the results so I can award you points and the like for the Monthly Participation competition.

We got 2 new members in HPG this week, and Im trying to recruit them over to the Dark Element.

Thats all for now, have a good week!

In Drunkness

OBM CrimsonAngel

[Insert ID Line Here]

Tie Defender - CrimsonWing

"Fear My HotPants"

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