Consul Report


Consul Report

hi all and welcome to this report,

one more report with the main topic being the clan feud!

K1 is over, and in jusging atm, we will update you as soon as we get the scores in!

today phase one of the trivia event (trivia gathering) ends, use the time to submitt some more! the 50 questions that will be submitted to CSP can be chose during the next week, important now is to get as many questions in as you can, so we have a larger choice!

btw, i hereby would like to thank every one who has already submitted!, you rock guys! :)

obi and sith summits, as well as battle team leaders and sith/obi members with mission/lvl design abilities ATTENTION!

from the 5 entries done by our krath for event one , have your picks , and turn them into missions/jk lvls! :P

you are free in your choice, take the best plotline that you feel can e converted to an entry for the S1 & O1 and do it! as a sith i'll be here to help galthain with their mission!

this week, i got some awsome, stunning killer entries by kweek for the gfx event! i would encourage the artists in our midest, to reach out for their tools and start getting us sme nice cool gfy, for this is another area where we can hit CSP badly! remeber, your entries should be feud theme related, and of quality! :P

for further details on the feud and it's eventsgo check :

and go post on the run on and play MP for the ladder, we are catching up on csp, their lead has diminshed to 45-42 points, and we can beat them in this event too! so keep your sabers lit, and kick some A**! or take your fighters out and blow them up some!

and don't forget about the run-on too!

now to other stuff!

YAY for Ari, Pendragon and Rizlib!
(alphabetical order:P) go check the new CSK site!!!!! it roxx, it rulez ! and as Ari would but it: it r0xx0rs yur b0xx0rs! :P & and while you are ther sign up so we can start using it's ladder system for the feud!!

oh you should notice you can chose the layout that suits you mst, both layouts by riz and pendragon are there so you can chose just as you wish!!! :)

medals on the way chaps! :) (for those who didn't get a promo ;P)

now more other stuff :P


hey and YAY for the medals this week! loads of them! all well deserved!!!! :) cool work guys! and go get some more CoF's for next week! it's simple, just slay a couple of CSP guys in mp! :P

Medal Requested: Dark Side Scroll (DSS)
Requested for: ACO Draco Caanis (Krath)

Medal Requested: Dark Side Scroll (DSS)
Requested for: JH Pendragon (Krath) x4

Medal Requested: Dark Cross (DC)
Requested for: ACO Draco Caanis (Krath)

Medal Requested: Dark Cross (DC)
Requested for: JH Pendragon (Krath)

Medal Requested: Crescent w/ Sapphire Star (S)
Requested for: OBM Gryffon (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Crescent w/ Sapphire Star (S)
Requested for: OWL Rizlib (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: GRD Reza (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: ACO Markr (Obelisk) x2

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: SW Arso Slyth (Sith)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: SBM Enahropes Teriad Entar (Sith)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: SBL Gord Darkonian (Sith)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: OBM Gryffon (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: OWL Rizlib (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: JH Mareek Of Thal (Obelisk) x2

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)
Requested for: DJK Ari (Sith)

<div align="left">Promotions:</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">2 promos this week, not bad, not bad at all!!</div> <div align="left">all congratulate:</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">Gryphon_Garou (Obelisk) for the prmotion to Jedi Hunter (JH) &</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">Ari (Sith) to the rank of full Dark Jedi Knight (DJK) ! he has got his saber constructed too! :)</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">you both deserve it! so keep up the good work!</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">In & Out: </div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">this weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek a newbie to the force joins house galthain! all pls welcome Mr. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRicardo Grazioli! also known as the Graz!</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">and now that you have calmed down all welcome back to the clan, after he no longer was able to resist the "calling" and had to face his destiny.. </div> <div align="left">Mr. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaden Naberrie!! also known as the great kweek! :P</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">hmm i think now i should say we are rrrrrreaaaaady to rrrrrrrrrumble, and leave the arena for the two :P</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">but not all is sunshine here, we have to say bye to Phalk Sturm! we wish you well in your new clan!</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">**** </div> <div align="left">Stuff:</div>

apparently the first Sith course ever has been released : The Sith Flight Studies: Imperial
Starfighter Engineering and Technology course! and we already got 3 graduates! (two of them Krath! :P)

congrats to Graz, Kaiann & Shups !! you really set a good example!

and now dear sith go take it! :P

withthis i end my report for this week! have fun time all! and slay some CSP guys! :P

clan count: 58 , one up

[XX#%%%O%%%#XX]< {>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
FM-TCC:XWA/CPT Gord Darkonian/Falcon 2-2/Wing XI/ISD Immortal

SBL Gord Darkonian (Sith)/PCON/Clan Satal Keto


Aleema Report



We come to the end of another week (or the beginning); it all depends on how you view Sundays (always the last day of the weekend for me, thus the END of the week with Mon. being the beginning >:P). Some of you have been busy little bees (Hooray!) and others of you have been lazy little slackers (Boo!).

<font face="Arial">**New Happenings

NOV TK-7764 transfers in from the Rogues and is promoted to ACO (with only a slight bit of difficulty--Kaiann, Shups already knows this because he was involved in the headache with Ast and FF >:P *the QUA grumbles something about having a rough week, the DSC is incorrect, **at the moment, TETs cannot promo up to ACO and yes I know there is a link on the DB website for you to be able to do so...what it boils down to, the DC jumped ahead of itself</font>). [When you guys are allowed to, I will let you know; therefore, no more whining about not being able to promo :P]**

***ACO Kaden Naberrie is back in the DB after a little leave from the EH >:P!! That is right, the great KWEEKY is back and has rejoined Aleema!! :P And this time he is a GUY (female personas get him into TOO much trouble >:P).
Welcome back Kweekles and BE GOOD, or if you are going to be bad, DO NOT GET CAUGHT! :P

*SOTN--4 out of 6 Submissions in K1 Event (two are on leave, so that is really everyone, eh!!??) for the Clan Feud, r0ck 0n guys and gals!

*AoD is almost officially dead with two notable exceptions, KE Kaiann and ACO Draco Cannis; AoD is officially put on report, if I do not see activity from Kaiann's Tyros, I will disband the Phyle.

*PRT Kali Lilith Vairocana has changed her name to Minerva Sanchez
Villa-Lobos Ramirez (that was the original she used when she joined the DB 4 years ago, hence the signifigance of the change).


ACO Draco Caanis (DC) and (DSS) DV 28 Submission
JH Pendragon (DC) and (DSS) X4 DV 28 Submission

Congratulations guys on a job well done!!!!!! :)
You represented the House well in the DV!!!!!!

<font face="Arial">*Courses

A new course is being offered at the SA:

Sith Flight Studies: ImperialStarfighter Engineering and Technology

DJM Shups and KE Kaiann have already passed the course!!!!!!!
Good Example TETs!!!!!!!!!! </font>**
<font face="Arial">Master/Student Program
**PRT Minerva Ramirez and KE Deus Excelsior are officially enrolled in the Master/Student program.

Where are the rest of you??? We have a ton of Junior members who need to be shown the ropes; ask and you shall recieve, ask not and your work is doubled!!!!!!

Your AED ran off with his blue bouncy ball to the Bahamas to have an affair.
Zilly's Thoughts**

<font size="2">K1 has ended and we did not get the response to the Feud that I really wanted, but that is beyond us now.

Trivia, some of you have turned in a bulk of really difficult trivia, GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

The deadline for Trivia is today and if you are looking for something to do because you are bored, go post to the run on!!!!!!!!!

We can take this Feud guys, we just need for YOU the HOUSE to get involved!!!!!!!!

When this Feud is over, those of you who were active can run to your mailboxes for some great and wonderful surprises; those of you who are inactive, start watching your back for I may have a need to test my lightsaber; still contemplates heads on pointy sticks on the walkway up to the house

There are some of you who are showing EXCELLENT activity ratings!! This has been duly noted in the QUA's Book of Life Happenings within the Universe as we know it up to this Point. Good job!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

QUA Ziltopia</font>
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<div align="left">Kirleta Report</div> <div align="left">__ </div> <div align="left"> <div align="center">House Kirleta Report.</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center">27/08/02.</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center">by</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center">OBM Azazel Djo'Tarr.</div> <div align="center">

</div> <div align="center">News.</div> <div align="center">**** </div> <div align="left">For all the latest happining in the DB please go to -</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">1. CSK vs CSP Feud - **This is still on and we need to get the points for this to win!! Sign up for the ladder and keep track of the leaders etc here - Goodluck to those who participate.</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">2. KIR vs DIN Feud - I was appauled to see that with the number of people within this house that we could put only manage to get a few participating. I am most unhappy that whilst my health took a turn for the worst only a few did something for the Feud. As a result this is why i did the AWOL sooner than i wanted too. I will not house the lazy in this House!</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left"> are the results.......</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">1st Place - DJK Mordin Malachia (House Dinaari) 6 wins - awarded the Crescant w/ Amethyst Star.</div> <div align="left">Joint 2nd Place - OWL Rizlib (Kirleta) & OBM Gryffon (Kirleta)- 1 win each - both awarded the Crescant w/ Sapphire star.</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">Congrats to those who won, and also who took place but did'nt win, your participation is appreciated greatly! :D</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">3. CSK Trivia comp - Just seen the questions........there alot of them, but the deadline is Sunday folks if you want to have a go, the mail is in your mailbox's. So i f you want to beat the Krath at their own game, give it a shot and good luck.</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">4. Future Comps - Both myself and OW Swiper the QUA of Dinaari have been in talks about a re-match, we both feel as though there was not enough participation, and both feel it was a poor reflection of both our houses. The next Feud will be scheduled for Autumn sometime. Hopefully Kirleta will have some new blood more willing to do something than just ideling and wasting their SGT's, the AED, and my time. More info will follow when there is more to share with you.</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">5. Kirleta AWOL results - **Here are the results of the AWOL check. Please note if your name does not appear on the list then you did'nt reply to the AWOL check or you missed the deadline! If you feel this is somehow unfair, then tough luck. I made it clear that if you failed to reply, your history. One rule must stand for everyone in the House or it is'nt a fair rule at all!</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">Reported in ontime -</div> <div align="left">GRD Morrigan.</div> <div align="left">DJH Garou.</div> <div align="left">ACO Zev Lolet.</div> <div align="left">GRD Reza.</div> <div align="left">DJH Molotov.</div> <div align="left">ACO MarkR.</div> <div align="left">DJH Cray.</div> <div align="left">ACO Exodius.</div> <div align="left">OW Waza.</div> <div align="left">OWL Rizlib.</div> <div align="left">OBM Gryffon.</div> <div align="left">DJH Mareek of Thal.</div> <div align="left">PRT Bazookakid.</div> <div align="left">PRT Basil.</div> <div align="left">NOV Osra (just joined and was excluded)</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">The rest of you failed to do one mail to keep you in the House. You will be removed from the roster and sent to the Rogue list. And i cannot go back on word as i said earlier, my laws for the House must stand, or they are not rules at all.</div> <div align="left">

</div> <div align="center">Medals & Promo's.</div> <div align="center">**** </div> <div align="left">OWL Rizlib & OBM Gryffon was awarded the Cr w/ Sapphire star.</div> <div align="left">GRD Reza was awarded a CF x2</div> <div align="left">ACO MarkR was also awarded a CF x2</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">GRD Gryphon Garou was promoted to the rank of DJH.</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">NEW RM! - DJH Cray Mikalen has been given the task. Goodluck Cray ;)</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">Sadly we had to lose two guys this week due to rl stuff -</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left">OWL Rizlib & OBM Darkheart - sorry to see you go guys, thanks for all that you have done to help the DB a better will be missed!</div> <div align="left">

</div> <div align="center">Reports.</div> <div align="center">**** </div> <div align="center">AED.</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="left">Well another week has gone by,,,oh piss on it I'll be in my office you active peeps know what is going on keep at it.
go here here here here here and here

OW Waza Sunrider (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto, GC/(SE)/DC-KC-O-CS/(BN)/(CF)/ {SA: }/CoL

<marquee>"One shall stand ,,,,,, one shall fall"</marquee>
Klux Martin Jedi Knight
Best RPG site in the World</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="center">Vashino SGT.</div> <div align="center">**** </div> <div align="left">


GRD Reza (Obelisk)/SGT/Kirleta of Satal Keto [GMRG: INI]

Unhappy camper :-(

FIRST OF ALL RESPOND TO THE AWOL CHECKS!!!!!! When these are sent out you must respond or you will be removed. AWOL checks go to Waza and Az witha CC to me. We cant afford to loose anymore battleteam members.

Battleteam standing orders:

1) Play in the JK1 and JK2 multiplayer events in #ehcoc, join the IRC channel and type !complist for competition times , or elsewhere, against other DB members. Submit all non competition screens to me so I can keep track fo your progress.

3) I need you guys to e-mail me at least once a week. This is to check in with me and ensure your activity, and that your still with us. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I wouldn't want any "dead weight" in the Battleteam. Just e-mail me with your ID line and anything else you want to say. IM SERIOUS if i recieve no e-mails your GONE!

4) PICK UP THE ACTIVITY. I want to see more of you guys on IRC, and in the competitions, get those awards and medals rolling in. COME ON WE LOOK LIKE A PILE OF DEAD BODIES.

5) The only ones getting medals around here are ME and Rizlib, and occasionaly someone else. PICK IT UP OR YOUR OUT.

6)IF YOU NEED TO PLAY A JK2 match im on IRC most of the time, ASK!!!!!!!!!! Thats what im here for!!!!!!!! I played some of you guys over the week, such as Mark, and Garou. Good job guys...........where are the rest of you? (not talking to you Riz)


Medals, Promotions & New Troops!

Ugh- Medals are not even worth mentioning, such a meager handout.

Closing Comments:

Get the activity up.

Thanks for your time. Sigh.

Well done you two :D

<font color="#800000">COM/VA Azazel Djo'Tarr/ISDII Grey Wolf
SSx3/BSx3/PCx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR/LoC-PSx22/COL/CoB/OV [LGNR] {IWATS- AIM-CBX-M/1/2-RT-SM/2-TT-XTT} ( Tie Shadow -"Sabertooth" | Callsign - "Wolverine" )
<font color="#0000ff">OBM Azazel Djo'Tarr</font> (Obelisk)/QUA/Kirleta of Satal Keto,
(SC)/(SE-WG)/(BN) {SA Core}
<font color="#800080">LG/HNR Azazel Djo'Tarr</font>/Empyrean-Phare-Frigg {DGA-Core}
<font face="Lucida Handwriting" color="#ff0000">"Every Wolf suffers flea's.......tis easy enough scratch!!"
**</font> </div></div> <div align="left">
_** </div> <div align="left"> <div align="left">**_Galthain Report</div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left"> <div><span class="122144811-14072002"><font size="2">House Galthain Report <span class="027560512-25072002">24</span>th July 2002</font></span></div> <div><span class="122144811-14072002"></span> </div> <div><span class="122144811-14072002"> </span><div><span class="291322303-28062002">-[House Update]-</span></div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"> </span></div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002">[Arrivals/Departures]</span></div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002"></span> </div></div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002"><span class="027560512-25072002">NOV Riccardo Grazioli arrived</span></span></div> <div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002"></span> </div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002"><span class="343144523-02052002">[Medals/Promotions]</span></span></div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002"><span class="343144523-02052002"></span></span> </div> <div><span class="343144523-02052002"><span class="343144523-02052002"><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002">Enahropes Teriad Entar - CoFx4
Ari - CoF/DJK</span></span></span></span></div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"></span> </div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002">
-[Quaestor's Announcements]-</span></div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002">**</span> </div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002">The feud has been raging for yet another week! Event one of the Sith events have opened today and I'll be e-mailing you all over details of it shortly! Things are also looking up for Clan Satal Keto on the open feud ladder! Today we have caught up by taking the lead over Scholae Palatinae! The score being CSK: 49 - CSP: 45! Good job to all who are competing on it and keep kicking ass!</span></span></div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002"></span></span></div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002"></span></span> </div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002">Clan Satal Keto has a new web site, which can be found at: ( If you are on the feud open ladder you will also be required to sign up for an account and then the feud ladder so I can record your points there! Its going to be a lot easier to record the points accurately there.</span></span></div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002"></span></span> </div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002">If you have mission design skills e-mail me and let me know what platforms you can make them for! That's all for this week!</span></span></div> <div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002"></span></span> </div><span class="291322303-28062002"><span class="027560512-25072002"> </span></span><div><span class="715143210-10022002"> </span><div align="left"><span class="715143210-10022002">- - -</span></div></div> <div align="left">FM/LC Enahropes Teriad Entar/Ghost 3-3/Wing XI/ISD Immortal
SS/BSx2/PCx2/ISMx12/MoI/MoT-1gh/IS-3SW-1SR-2GR-1PR/LoC-PSx41/DFCx3/CoB/LoAx2/OV-2E </div> <div align="left">[PLDN]

{IWATS-AIM-CBX-IIC/1/2/3-RT-SM/2-XAM-XTM/1}</div> <div align="left"><font size="2">SBM Enahropes Teriad Entar (Sith)/QUA/Galthain of Satal Keto
<small>GC/(SC-SoA)/(SE-WG)/DC-KC-O-CS/(BNB)/Cr-1A-1R/CF/(LSAu)/CoL</small></font></div> <div align="left"><font size="2"><small></small></font> </div></div></div>

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