Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


I'm not really supposed to be online, so let's see how quick I can type

this! :P

-Gratz to Davi Anthol on his DC, and sorry I forgot to mention it in my

last report. Also, congrats to Patrick Blastfire on his promotion to GRD,

to ACOs Tissaya, Drax Remlinger and Davi Anthol on their promotions, and to

Master Andrew and ACO Tissaya for their DCs. Also, gratz to KnightOfRage

and Sarin for their lots of CoFs at the XvT Week of War. I know, this

should have been more coherent. :P

-JH Sarin was kind enough to announce the events in #ehcoc as a part of our

Boot Camp. I'd like to have everyone participate, if possible. Those who do

will get the usual CoFs for winning matches, and I may have something extra

for them. :)

-The pilot files from the Free Mission Competition have been sent to SHW

Yacko for scoring. I'll announce the results as soon as he's finished and

I'm online. The medals will also go out then. (I'd have scored them myself,

but I'm participating, so it's basically a conflict of interest if I do. :P)

-We had a huge bunch of Sith Flight Studies courses passed since my last

report, and before that... Congrats and thank you to everyone that's been

taking them. I encourage all House members to go and take as many of those

as you can. Hopefully, the Sith History Course I'm writing will be released

soon as well. :)

-KK will be making the House Ronin Report next week instead of me, as I

will be on leave from tomorrow (August 1) to a week Saturday (August 9),

being not only banned from the computer but away from it entirely.

Hopefully, I'll be back on the 10th, but my RL problems are still getting

me, so there's no guarantees.

That's all for this week.


Sith Warlord Jacen Nightflyer

Quaestor, House Ronin of Alvaak

Magistrate to the Sith High Warrior

Envoy; Knight 2nd Class

SWL Nightflyer (Sith)/M:SHW-QUA/Ronin of Alvaak [KSOE: KC2]



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