Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Just a reminder to everyone, we've got a house ladder thats up and in full swing. Those of you not participating will be removed from the Galeres roster. The following members of Soulfire still need to play 1 little JK1/2 match to stick around in the best Obelisk house in the Brotherhood:

PRT Kal'eeste

DJK Sontrax Longsword

ACO R2b0t

ACO Cespenar

PRT call100

OW Gavin Dahl

I dont wish to see ANY of you removed, so please play someone from Galeres in 1 puny match;p

On a related note, Soulfire will be starting training nights for JK1/2 starting soon after the feud. Till then, you can compete(for medals mind you) in #obelisk on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Check out http://www.hephaestusdesigns.com/obelisk/news.php for more information.

On the subject of websites, anyone got better than HTML skillz? Lemme know, Ive a BT site in the works, but PHP is beyond me, could be some shineys in it for ya=)

Questions, concerns, problems?? Gimme a shout and I'll do everything in my power to help you out (tho no whining about medals or promos, you won't get them that way;p)

COM of Arcona's Strike Cruiser "Long Bong"

OBM Drakal Morth (Obelisk)/SGT/Galeres of Arcona,(SE-WG)/DC-KC/(BN)/Cr-1R/CF {SA:CORE}


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