Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

CMDR/DJK Tomaas Montte reporting in for Delphian Squadron on 8.1.02

Squadron News

Hello everyone and welcome to that moment you look forward to all week, reading my report! :P

First off , the Feud continues so get out there and fight if you're capable of MP flying. Also, the Summit is looking for people with Mission Design skills for the Sith Event of the Feud so if you got those skills flaunt em and lets make a good showing against CSP.

There is a new Sith Order website so drop by and check out the hard work Yacks put into it and get up to date on the Sith Order. It can be found at:

New Classes! The Shadow Academy is now offering not only one but two Sith classes! The first deals with Imperial Craft and the second with enemy starfighters so brush up your starfighter knowledge today and increase the size of your ID line while you are at it!

Squadron Status

There is a New course at the Shadow Academy for Sith! The course notes can be found here:

The Test can be found here:

It's called the Sith Flight Studies:Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology.

A second Sith Course was unveiled at the Shadow Academy this week called Sith Flight Studies II: Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology. The notes can be found here: and the test can be found here: .

Bonus Brownie points with the Commander for pilots that complete these courses.

Excellent activity this week Delphian Squadron! Keep up the good work! Those of you capable of MP competition please get out there and kick some CSP tail. Out of curiosity and in part to see how many of you actually read this report I'd like to know which of you CAN fly MP. Take the time to send me a quick email telling me if you can fly MP or not, this will do two things get me off your back if you aren't an MP pilot and allow me to plan some Squadron competitions so that everyone can participate.

Lastly, JH Dark Hawk is interested in creating a Graphic Banner for the Squadron which I think is a great idea. What he'd like from everyone is ideas on what it should be like., So if you have any ideas I urge you to email Dark Hawk, myself (I'll forward them to him) or start a discussion on one of the Galthain forums pertaining to it.

Activity Reports

Cmmdr Tomaas Montte- active on irc, Flew some Free Missions

FM Rapier- Active on irc

FL Ari- Active on irc, web site design, got promoted, MP activity

FM TK-2107- got promoted

FM Darkhawk-email contact

FM Riccardo Grazioli- Email contact, completed character history, got promoted, Passed SA:Sith Flight Studies II, signed up for MP ladder in the Feud (Excellent work!)


First off the Promos! Excellent job this week folks I wish I could have a promotion section like this every week.

JH Ari


NOV TK-2107


NOV Riccardo Grazioli



DJK Ari : Cluster of Fire

Congratulations all and your drinks are on me in the bar this week!


I was extremely pleased with the activity and promotions this week as well as the email contact and irc presence Delphian is showing. Lets keep the ball rolling and maybe I'll get to pass out promotions a little more often. :) On another note the Sith event of the Feud is upon us and we need any Mission Designers to report to the Summit so that they can be put to work ! The rest of you I urge to play a few MP matches if at all possible. Try to keep in mind Gord's recommendations on playing matches as well. Lastly, as always, RECRUIT! We have four spaces open and we can always use more pilots. Grab some buddies from your other subgroups are bring someone completely new to the EH either way lets see if we can get a full Squadron!

Squadron Roster

House: Galthain:

Order: Sith

Commander: Dark Jedi Knight Tomaas Montte [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]


1) Sith Commander Tomaas Montte [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Dark Jedi Knight

2) Sith Flight Member Rapier [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Battlelord

3) Sith Flight Member Darkhawk [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Jedi Hunter

4) Sith Flight Member Riccardo Grazioli [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Acolyte

Flight II - Assault Gunboat

1) Sith Flight Leader Ari [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Dark Jedi Knight

2) Sith Flight Member TK-2107 [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Acolyte

3) Sith Flight Member Tatsu Kogarasu [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Dark Jedi Knight

4) TBA

Flight III - TIE Bomber

1) TBA

2) Sith Flight Member Lazarus [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Guardian

3) TBA

4) TBA

Total: 8

Respectfully Submitted,

DJK Tomaas Montte (Sith)/CMDR/Galthain of Satal Keto [KSOE: CC2]


FL/LCM Tomaas Montte/Tornado 2-1/Wing X/ISD Challenge


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