Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Greetings Cestus,

my last Rollmaster report for 10 weeks is here, let's make it.


OBM Ziguarath - CoF

that's the only medal that was reported to me this week


I am really glad I can say we have new member - everyone welcome NOV Son Goku, the newest Cestus member. Roster is as follows:

OBM Ziguarath - QUA

DJK Darkov

DJK Gelton Torr - AED on extended leave

JH Blackhero

JH Talon Zetar - acting AED

GRD Glorfindel - SGT - Battalion of Fear

PRT Justinian Leviticus Maximus

PRT Sukuth - acting SGT - Armoured Fist

PRT Zekk - acting RM

ACO Daryan

NOV Sauron

NOV Son Goku


there were no promotions this week

Individual reports:

I am sorry that only 1 single report came to my mailbox and it was report of PRT Justinian Leviticus Maximus. Guys please if you're not on leave (or inactive, unfortunately we have members like that in Cestus) remember that Wednesday is time to make your report - Thursday possible as well but Wednesday should make it for you.

PRT Justinian Leviticus Maximus:

  • was trying to play JK2 fight with Cestus people (no patch, no game Justin ;))

  • going to fight some fights in feud

PRT Sukuth:

  • took part in JK2 OHC Cup on Saturday

  • fought some more feud fights

  • took part in Wednesdays JK2 comp hosted by Redneck

  • sent in another entry for graphic part of feud open event

  • daily presence on IRC

  • active with e-mails

Oke...that is (unfortunately) everything from individual reports for this time

send your activity reports to PRT Zekk from next week but of course members of Armoured Fist send activity report to me as well :)

PRT Sukuth (Obelisk)/RM-TRP/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: CRU-S]


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