Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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<font face="Verdana"><font size="3">Weekly Aedile Report #</font><font size="2"><span class="396593220-01082002"><font size="3">6</font> </span><span class="870255219-25072002"> </span><span class="795201620-04072002"><span class="570552313-11072002"> </span></span></font></font>

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<font size="2"><span class="396593220-01082002">For the second week in a row, I want to congratulate someone on their promotion to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. This time, Xythian recieved a deserved promotion. Congratulations! I hope we will see more promotions in the near future, especially among the lower ranked members. </span></font>

<font size="2"><span class="396593220-01082002"></span></font>

<font size="2"><span class="396593220-01082002">It has been said several times now, but the Clan Feud against Clan Satal Keto is the TOP priority right now. I would like to see as many of you as possible participating. Right now, you can make graphics and post on the run-on. Go to the feud site (URL down below) and check for details.</span></font>

<font size="2"><span class="396593220-01082002"> </span>
Don't forget these competitions:</font>

  • <span class="570552313-11072002"><font size="2"><span class="396593220-01082002"> </span>Clan Feud: Check </font><font size="2"> for details.<span class="396593220-01082002"> Participate in the grapics part and the run-on. </span></font></span>

<span lang="en-gb"><span class="570552313-11072002"><font size="2">Signed<span class="870255219-25072002"> </span></font></span></span>

<span lang="en-gb"><span class="570552313-11072002"><font size="2"><span class="870255219-25072002"></span></font></span></span><span lang="en-gb"><span class="570552313-11072002"><font size="2"><span class="870255219-25072002"><font size="2"><font face="Verdana">**<span lang="en-gb">Dark Jedi Knight Loor, Aedile of House Acclivis Draco</span>

**<span lang="en-gb">DJK Loor (Krath)/AED/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ {SE}/DC/Cr-1A-1S] {SA: CORE-CH-O:KS}</span></font></font><span lang="en-us"></span><span lang="en-us"></span><span lang="en-us"> </span></span></font></span></span>

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