Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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I'll make this short and sweet, 

seeing as I'm a little tired from spending 5 of my 6 hours of sleep last night on a couch.


1) New competition announce, I sent the FW to the EGroup (And Yacksy corrected me.. thanks, Yacks. :P)

2) ANOTHER Sith Order course came out. Check it at the Office of the Headmaster (heard it's easy too. :P). SP Tactics (mine), will be out shortly. Just HTMLing everything.

3) I designed a new award thingy and sent it to Pred... expect something when I clean up the proposition soon.

4) It's CoL time again! Yay. We still have three weeks, so some of you may get something soon enough.

5) Crix is on leave, I'm A-QUA. I'm also leaving on the 4th of August to the 9th, from the 11th to the 14th, and from the 19th to the 23rd. To minimize pain and work, I'm taking the full three weeks off officially, but I will be able to do minimal EH work during the times I'm home.


DJK Powerslave --> Sith Warrior

NOV rebelkiller --> Acolyte




GRD Destavol Gin --> Who cares? He left. :P (Kidding... he went to Dinaari. :P)

Okay, that'll do for this week. I'll be on IRC if anyone needs me, seeing as after that Chatterbox competition (Drak knows what I mean. :P), I'm afraid of e-mail. :P

DJK Hawk Falcone (Sith)/AED/Archanis** of [Taldryan*](

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