Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

<head><title>Dragon Guard Report #21</title></head>

Dragon Guard Report #21, August 1st 2002

Ah the begining of another month! Hopefully more productive than the last one:) Get working on the Feud NOW! This is dated yesterday because I wrote it yesterday. It didn't get sent till today because I needed permission from the artist for the art:)


<li> JH Xythian was promoted to DJK!

<li> I'm still working on creating a list of promotional requirements!

<li> I took JH Bane Wolfblood(who is unofficially in the Phyle) as my student!

<li> I have been informed that Etras Aglen, Krail Darkblade, and KDOG will be AWOLed. If anyone knows of a reason why they shouldn't be let the Quaestor and I know right away!

<li> If anyone would like to create a DG webpage, feel free to go ahead. I've not had alot of time to update the DG page like I want to.

<li> For all members, I want to see you participating in the Clan Feud first and formost, secondly I would like to see those DJK and higher taking on some students:)

<li> I want to see more people on IRC( in the Channels #CSP and #HAD .

<li> Remember, anything in the competition section that is underlined is Required! I want everyone to participate in that.

New Members

  • We are full! But JH Bane Wolfblood is on my list as an "unofficial" member:)


<li> CLAN FEUD!!!! Must participate! Ok everyone, it is very important that you make a submission for the second event.(details at

<li> CLAN FEUD RUN-ON!!! Located at

<li> Krath Monthly Fiction is a great way to get some activity in! Start writing!

<li> A Monthly Poem Focus is open too, details at

<li> House and up Competitions are listed here, and Phyle Competitions are here.

<li> Have a Dragon Guard Competition Idea? Let me know:)

Dengar's IRC Art

Hey, anyone have art(or graphics) that they want to show can email it to me and I will put it in here:)

JH Bane Wolfblood sent this in. A portrait of me... though I always thought I looked a little more alive than that:P

Remember to check out the DG site at

 Dengar March <font size="5">  

DJK Dengar March (Krath)/TET/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae



[Master of JH Bane Wolfblood]


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