New Multiplayer Gaming Night


New Multiplayer Gaming Night

Alright, this ones gunna be short and sweet, because I had made a nice long post before, but I timed out and lost it... stupid timeouts... whaps

Anyways, House Galthain is hosting a new Multiplayer Night. The rest of the DB Nights were cancelled due to lack of participation.

Now, because Shadow of Dinaari (everyone point and laugh), thought that DB Multiplayer Nights were the same things as the Tournaments that go on during the weekends, I'll clarify.

DB Multiplayer Nights: You join a channel, play as many people as you can at random times, etc.
DB Tournaments: Such things as Shar's Saturday Tourney, and Mage's Sunday Special, where you follow Brackets like in the world cup.

Clear enough for ya Shad?

Anyways, onto details of this comp...


Platforms: XWA, XvT, JK, JK2
Day: Friday
Time: 3-5 PM EST / 9-11 AM CET / 6-8 AM AEST
Run Time: Two hours
Place: #csk
Contact: SBM Enahropes (

That be it!

Fly Fast and Shoot Straight,

Sith High Warrior,
Warlord Keirdagh Cantor

"Beware, the Ides of March are Upon you!"

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