Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Edition #028 - August 31th, 2002


CON Goatham has taken the reins on the AWOL check and has been asking me the entire week for the names I could save from the disaster at the Feud. We are just pending the Open Events Results for the execution and more than 50% of the House may be AWOLed at any moment.


Points were awarded as programmed, which resulted on one promotion.

<li>Participation points listing</li>

All stuff you do shall come through me for points. If you have submitted something, remind to FWD or CC me...

Also, the points table is on Quaestor's Office, Room 1501 of the Kressh Fortress


There are still a lot of things to do:

Monthly Flying comp: Send all pilot files from SP missions you fly on the month to Janos Silverwulf and CC me. Last day and better luck next month to the ones who'll stay in the house.

Monthly Melee comp: If you fly a MP match against another member on HLK, remember to register the results on the MP ladder on Tactical Room - Level 02 of the Kressh Fortress.

Sith Squadron League: Details here.

<li>On the Works</li>

As soon as the AWOL check ends (I hope soon enough), the House Summit will start looking for some individual talents to help the House on the betterment of crew and other stuff like the webpage and the message boards.

Also, on CON Goatham's note, he promised quite a load of changes to take place inside the Clan and, obviously, on House Ludo Kressh. I expect we can deal with that on a very good manner.

Following the AWOL check, we mostly probably will have to shut down one or two squadrons, so be prepared to show you're on HLK for good as we'll have much less weight to look upon...

<li>Awards, Promos and stuff</li>

GRD Jade Falcon promoted to JH.

NOV Talon 'Nemesis' Karrde awarded a Crescent w/ Ruby Star for 1st place on CNS trivia.

SW Janos Silverwulf awarded a Crescent w/ Amethyst Star for 2nd place on CNS trivia.

JH Sancho awarded a Crescent w/ Sapphire Star for 3rd place on CNS trivia.

JH Boris awarded a Cluster of Fire for victory on a JK2 match (Huh?).

<li>The Squads</li>

Well, as Goatham's orders were to attach the squad reports here and none came until now, this section will be empty. Remembering that according to the new standards for Battleteams, I think it's good for the squadrons to have a link to the Squadron webpage on future reports. If the squad don't have a webpage, fix one asap...

Also, remember to visit the Sith Order page in order to keep in touch with the last issues about squadron administration and points.

<li>Closing Notes</li>

When the final results for the Deception Feud come out, the AWOL check will be released. According to my list, 18 pilots will leave the House in the next days, which will make us much smaller than now. After the delivering of dead weight, I'll start with help of Goatham and Abel Malik some sort of revitalization process in order to know what's going on and fix the problems with communication and activity. If you already have anything to add, please feel free to mail or find us on mIRC.

Also, I still want to hear from ya. If you have any issue, any kind of trouble, a question or simply want to send me to someplace weird, don't hesitate and click [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and say it. I can be sure you'll be heard (or read in this case) and maybe you can do a great favor to you and to me.

Well, enough babbling.

SBM Scithe (Sith)/QUA/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow


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