Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Kirleta Report.



For all your latest DB news hits, please goto : http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/news.asp

  1. Crimson dawn SGT sawt!! - This is open to everyone GRD +. If you feel you can do this job, then please mail me & OW Waza and send your application!! I want to get a SGT placed asap.

  2. Clan Feud - This will be ending shortly, so if you have any late minute activities that you can get onto and hand in, or take part in, then please do so!! Here's the site link yet again for you to go and look at. Everything about the feud you might need to know is on this page - http://cskcspfeud.minos.net/

  3. House AWOL List sent! - this week i submitted the AWOL list, and as you can see, those members are now back in the reserves. The House is down to 16 members, we do need some more troopers into the house to keep the brigades at a good level to continue running effeciently enough to warrant having 2 brigades. Please, do not approach reservists at all costs! Let them come to you. I don't want to get another load who do nothing at all. We need active members in the house and those willing to do something. Maybe try and recruit someone from one of the JO servers, that would be a much better option :)

House Activity.



GRD Reza x 4

OBM Gryffon

Crescent w/Ruby Star:

GRD Reza

Crescent w/Diamond Star:

OBM Gryffon


GRD Reza (EH Commondation of Loyalty)


ACO Talon Astruar - House Aleema (Krath) to House Kirleta (i don't think i need to tell the order lol)

JH Gryphon Garou - House Kirleta to House Aleema (Krath)

The following members have been AWOLED form the house for failing to reply to the AWOL check:

OWL Dreadnaught,

OW Thrawn Kratas,

DJH Tyrahn,

PRT Ghaleon,

PRT Odin Lionheart,

ACO Jaruus,

NOV Kevin Phoenix martins.


AED Report

1)A new OHC has been appointed congratulations to OW Redneck, we will Prolly be adding him to the mail list soon.

2)A new take on the screenshot comps will be in effect for September, once the web site is built more details will be given.

3)Well the awol check drags out for another week AZ is working on it trying to reconcil the replys because there were some people who didnt follow directions.

4)The obbie part 2 of the fued starts today 8/24 we are going to need a CSk champion to face off against the CSP jk2'ers so if anyone is thinking they are worthy of being CSK Champion JK2'er square off & send the clan summit & the KIR summit the screens so we can decide our champ. Also there should be an SP level to play, once you complete it zip the map, it will be in your map folder in your base folder & send it to the peeps in charge. That detail may change stay glued to the feud site for details

5)dont forget the house comp is still going on I haven't had many submissions; so if your working on a level, skin, or mod for jk1 or jk2 send it in for inclusion in the House Com.

OW Waza Sunrider (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto, GC/(SE)/DC-KC-O-CS/(BN)/(CF)/ {SA: }/CoL

"One shall stand ,,,,,, one shall fall"

Klux Martin Jedi Knight

Best RPG site in the World

Vashino SGT.

GRD Reza (Obelisk)/SGT/Kirleta of Satal Keto


Heres the report this week. Some things have been changed. Others restressed.

1) Play in the JK1 and JK2 multiplayer events in #ehcoc, join the IRC channel and type !complist for competition times , or elsewhere, against other DB members. Submit all non competition screens to me so I can keep track fo your progress.

www.mirc.com for mirc.

3) ONCE AGAIN, I have submitted antoher competition request for "Rezas Friday Night Fight Fest 7:00 PM Eastern US." So far it seems my request ahs once again been ignored by the DGM. Ill drop you guys an e-mail if its approved.

4) Practice Practice and even more Practice! Remeber if you need help in JK2 i'll glady show you some new strategies. I may not be the best fighter out there, but I make a good sprarring parnter! :P

5) Guys e-mail me once a week please!! even if its just your ID line so I know your alive.

6) Read the House and clan reports. They are important, very important.

7)IF YOU NEED TO PLAY A JK2 match im on IRC most of the time, ASK!!!!!!!!!! Thats what im here for!!!!!!!!

Medals this week - GRD Reza - 1 Crescent, 2 CoF's, EH Commendation of Loyalty

If i left you out which i dont think i did please tell me.


Thats it from me for this week guys, good work on getting those medals and the reports in ;)) Keep up the good wok folks :D~


COM/VA Azazel Djo'Tarr/ISDII Grey Wolf

SSx3/BSx3/PCx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR/LoC-PSx22/COL/CoB/OV-2E [LGNR] {IWATS- AIM-CBX-M/1/2-RT-SM/2/3-TT-XTT} ( Tie Shadow -"Sabertooth" | Callsign - "Wolverine" )

OBM Azazel Djo'Tarr (Obelisk)/QUA/Kirleta of Satal Keto,

(SC)/(SE-WG)/(BN) {SA Core: S:ISET}

LG/HNR Azazel Djo'Tarr/Empyrean-Phare-Frigg {DGA-Core}

"Regere Sanguine Regere In Veritatem Est."

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