Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

My apologies for this late report. This past week and weekend have been spent moving into my new residence for this upcoming school year. I'm all settled in now, I'm happy to say, and I am enjoying the fact that I finally have a room all to myself. Moving on to more important news...

Dark Voice 30 will be published on September 14th, and will sadly be the last issue I release. With school beginning, I don't think I will have the time necessary to dedicate to the Dark Voice. However, the publication will be left in the very capable hands of my Praetor, Korbane. I am extremely happy to have been able to contribute to the Dark Voice as I have and I know that Korbane will continue to produce an excellent newsletter.

In Chancellor news, I'd like to make the following announcements regarding awarding one's self medals:

  • In regards to multiplayer competitions, Clan Feuds and Vendettas, one may recommend his or herself for any Clusters of Fire, Crescents or Novas that he or she has won.

  • Under normal circumstances (i.e., the recommendation of merit medals) no one may recommend one's self for an award of any kind. However, if someone feels that they deserve an award for a service rendered or something else and they have not received one, please feel free to contact me and we might be able to work something out.

Also, in regards to subordinates awarding their superiors medals, this should not be done. Subordinates are encouraged, though, to send a recommendation to me (and the Grand Master, if necessary) for consideration.

There is still trouble with the awarding of multiplayer medals, although the system has drastically improved in these past months, I'm happy to report. I make the following recommendation to all DB MP players: take a screenshot of your win or loss and save it somewhere. In the event that I or my Magistrate do not receive confirmation from the COO about a competition, you will have proof of your win and thus, I will be able to award you your Cluster of Fire. Without proof, I cannot give you your award, so take a screenshot and if you like, log the #EHCOC channel and copy and paste the portion in which you challenge the person.

And now, for this week's Medal Display:

Medal Requested: Sapphire Blade (SB)

Requested for: KE Khobai (Krath)

Request was made by: SBL E. Tarkin (Sith)

Reason given for request: _A bit late, but there was a miscommunication...anyway, Clan Arcona never got the chance to properly say thank you to Khobai for all his hard work. So here it is:

Khobai is an outstanding individual who has a strong personality and deep devotion for his Clan. He has re-motivated me after a personal period of instability in the Brotherhood. The admiration from fellow Clansmen toward Khobai is both sincere and powerful and from what I have both heard and witnessed he has been a major component in building Arcona to it's current stature. ~Dark Adept Mejas Doto

Khobai was QUA of Qel-Droma when I first joined the House and he did an excellent job then. He has done well in everything that he has led. This is not new service, but constant service that goes back for a couple of years, at least that I am aware of. He certainly deserves something. ~KAP Kahn

Proconsul Khobai has been a pleasure to work with, under, and around. He has personally dealt with the good, the bad, and the ugly, while still maintaining his calm disposition and great sense of humor. He has been instrumental to the growth and prosperity of Clan Arcona, and has fully earned our respect, and this token of appreciation. ~OBM Mage

As a long standing member of Clan Arcona, I have seen leaders come and go, good and bad. PCON Khobai has been one of, if not THE, best PCON Ive ever had the pleasure of working with. He helped shape an inactive clan into one that definately is in contention for First Clan of the DB, tho only the GJW will prove that;p Khobai constantly goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to assist his Clan members in any way possible. I believe he deserves something for his commitment and long standing service to the Brotherhood. Thanks. ~OBM Drakal Morth

The reason that I think that Khobai deserves a pretty good medal is because he did a tremendous job in Clan Arcona. Khobai made Clan Arcona much better! He knows where he stands for and will keep on trying until he succeeds. Khobai managed to perform several succesful projects and competitions. ~^CyberGuy^

My own recommendation for this reward:

1) through the continous efforts of KE Khobai, he has made Arcona a Clan to be proud of. he has set up the first, big Clan Wide competition in Arcona in YEARs. He has also made an effort in the last 3-way Feud in which Arcona was involved.

2) Supporting me with his constant online presence and leadership qualities._

Medal Requested: Steel Cross (SC)

Requested for: DA Mejas Doto (Krath)

Requested by: SBL Xanos Goatham Zorrixor (Sith)

Reason given for request: Mejas has been a consistent help to the Clan for a rather long duration of time, even despite having left the Clan a while ago. He has continued to keep the Clan site up to date for the past two months, he created both the Proconsul's site and the Dark Forge Academy websites, and the site for Marka Ragnos and also his Phyle's whilst he was a TET. As TET he also gave the Clan some great help by running some competitions and overall being one of the better TETs we've had in quite some time. Considering all this work I feel he has come to deserve a reward, it is much more than what many would do to earn such a medal and it is only appropriate his dedication to the Clan in the form of website and other things is recognised. Thank you.

Medal Requested: Steel Cross (SC)

Requested for: KE Keiran Idanian (Krath)

Requested by: KAP Aseret Thunderhawk (Krath)

Reason given for request: For being a role model for others members to follow entering every competition, reasoning on each subject as requested by the House Summit, for always being the first to offer assistance when needed and, generally, by doing far more than his requested from him.

Medal Requested: Steel Cross (SC)

Requested for: SW Ekim Yellek (Sith)

Requested by: SBL E. Tarkin (Sith)

Reason given for request: His leadership during the time he has been QUA and his activity in the Feud are commendable. Too soon for a promo, I believe this medal is ample compensation. :)

<table><tr><td></td><td valign="top"><font face="Verdana" color="#9400D3">Shadow Adept/Pontifex Pharaun "Shadonyx" Illistyn</font>
Chancellor of the Dark Brotherhood
Editor-in-Chief of the Dark Voice</td></tr></table>

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