Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

QUA Report: SEP Week 1!


Ok stuff todo, promo options and a TET position!



PEOPLE'S CHOICE TALLY: Vote for people from ekky!

HAD Feud:


Right i'm churning out bits for this comp.

It envolves a new race to fight as phyles

so consequently it needs time to write a

fair deal of background

hopefull start next week

(I'm on night duty next week so spare

time available!!!!!)

hope you'll have fun

(for those intrigued: I've written 4 more

star systems, tried to develop a goddam

plot and written 3 backgroud documents

[8 more bits to write!])

Stuff todo:


Still stuff todo especially no.4 DO MY COMP!

  1. Krath Monthly topics! Not set by mai this

month cos shes so busy! see DJB org for details

for those intrested the details are:

Story: The thief

Poem: The hunger!

  1. Trivia: you've all just got it off P'man

its really cool and you have till Thurs!

and if you cant answer: GO LOOK IT UP!

  1. New Phoenix site and Phoenix comp:


"Also, I'm going to be running a comp! I already got it approved through

Bubbles and through DGM Ast's Comp Approval Site. It's a pretty lengthy

description of a comp, so look for yourself. Go the Phoenix's new site,

click on "Competitions," and then on the only link from there, under

"Current Comps." Awards will be given. Go out, and do something.

Coranel Both"

  1. QUA comp - Whoo hooo my new comp is out! Do this to count

for your promos! "Thew QUA's Present" - 1 page MIN description

on what you'd get me for my birthday etc... deadline sep 5th.

  1. New opportunity comp :-)

I'll let our PCON explain:

"What Pred and i have planned or hav started working on is having

you guys write up stories that will be used by Dinaari and Archanis

to create missions. I would like to try and do this each month. So

for now we start with you guys.

So please e-mail the house and ask that anyone with a story idea

please mail it in. Then whoever sets it up as a house COMP where

they write the story.


SBL Jeff Loruss(Sith)/CON/Clan Taldryan "

any questions to me/ar/pred/tiggs ok?

In the pipeline:


  1. A house feud with HAD: Work progresses on this subject which

looks like it may be phyle based.... blade and bubbs were begging

for inter-phyle madness :-)

  1. MML off Mai-moo :-)



Right since i don't seem to be able to see many

people working right now, I want to check its

just me being unobservant and not you guys!

So each of you should goto the jedi trials page:


and check what you need todo to get to the next

rank and then if you think you've done it

mail me and show me what you've done and I'll tell

you what you need to get that promo :-)

lets have a whole bundle of DJK!!!!



we need a TET for HEX Phyle.... apps to me and Ar.

Once we have all 3 TETs I have to sort out phyles

and rebalance them! The feud is coming and i need

to sort things out!

Any Comments:


Ok I believe thats it so ... any comments

either hit reply or mail me individually!

take care


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