Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Saturday again already. Here is the report for SotN, August 31, 2002:


  1. Fiction and poetry comp ends today

  2. K2 Feud stuff: ends today



Shups- TET Stuff

        Feud match XWA win  

        DB nite 1 win  

        Sent in Krath monthly fiction  

   Is a Cowboys fan :))  

Pendragon- dunno

Minerva- 2nd Place for July Poetry comp- earned a Cres w/Ruby

             1st Place for July fiction comp- earned a Cres w/Dia  

             Way to go!  

     Is still a Redskins fan :((  

Garou- Happy b-day!

TK-7764- submitted K2 fiction

              Is a Chicago bears fan....da bears  

Page Meridian- In contact

Arania- sleeping soundly i hope :P

Arion- Joined back up around 8/27 wb bro!

Enough Said?

Well the feud ends today. I got miffed at my efforts for the fiction and trashed it. :/

However, it looks like we will be needing a new comp soon. Lemme know if ya got any ideas or thoughts on anything.

TET's Thoughts

Another run on? Perhaps another cook off? Cook off part II...hrmm. A fiction contest about SotN where we write about one another? Hrmm. That could be interesting.

FM/COL Shups/Tau 3-4/MC Tripidium


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