Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

feud is over!

hi all, and welcome to this weeks report!

the most notable event this week is the end of the feud with csp. it took 2 long month' to come this far, but all i can say is at least we are here now! :P (nope it didn't pay off if you thought that's what i was going to say :P)

first i would like to thank all of you who have took the time and put in the effort and took part in the feuds events, you really are a great selected few.... and i really do mean few just loking at teh number of the submissions we had in total :P

sure some lessons had to be learnt by us up here about what you like and what you don't. in this feud we had neerly all sorts of possible cmopetition styl covered by the many events, so it's not difficult to see what you guys want!

the clear winner is the all open all platform ladder, i guess jk2 is quite a motivation for that, and maybe the odd xwa mp game is still fun.

trivia was not all that bad , ok so we kicked butt in it :P but still i think this event had the second most diffrent peeps number submitting to it (as opposed to multibe submissions by one person like with the run on for example)

events to get missions or lvls designed are not the big public attraction, and i slowly think such events as they always adress those few who are good in design, should be only on DB wide and not a part of feud or vendetta, cause you are either lucky to have some one in the clan who can do it, or you just don't, so it's not really judging what a clan can do better or not compared to another clan.

sith stuff is quite dead, for sp i recieved only 2 submissions, and we had offered 3 battles on diffrent platforms. so conclusion is until LA gets a new flight sim out sith sp should be scrapped as it's not worth the hassle.

an obelisk sp event is quite impossible to do, at least not with a game engine that supports cheats like the Q3 engine.

if it was possible then we didn't find the way to do it (any of you guys got any idea?)

all in all i would say not bad, but when i look at the over 130 members both clans have i get this strange feeling that maybe it's not that good after all either!

and now to other stuff :

SW Arso appointed Galthian QUA! grats

House Galthain in need of a new AED and new team cmdrs!! apply to QUA SW Arso with the clan summit CC'd (that's SWL Drako and myself !)

body count: EEEEK only 52 :/


not many medals this week, but one guy is notably standing out (promo time? HINT*HINT) so YAY for Reza

Medal Requested: Crescent w/ Diamond Star (D)

Requested for: OBM Gryffon (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Crescent w/ Ruby Star (R)

Requested for: GRD Reza (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Crescent w/ Emerald Star (E)

Requested for: GRD Reza (Obelisk)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)

Requested for: DJM Shups (Krath)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)

Requested for: DJK Ari (Sith)

Medal Requested: Cluster of Fire (CF)

Requested for: GRD Reza (Obelisk) x4


no promos this week


welcome to Novice Mark Schueler who joines house galthain (go do your chracter history to get a promo to ACO!)

and a wb to Pontifex Arion Sunrider who rejoines house aleema!

a couple of farewells here:

DJK Tomaas Montte decided Arcona is a better place to be.... would it be evil if i said i hope you'll realize soon how wrong you were??!

any way gl there

DJK Tatsu Kogarasu decided to go rogue ! :/

Protector Silent who just returned 2 weeks ago decids to return to the rogues :/ hope to you change your mind and come back


only one guy doing the sith courses this week

Sith Flight Studies: Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology course:

Lazarus (Sith)--

Sith Flight Studies: Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology course:

Lazarus (Sith)--

juzst in case you need to conrtact any of those below, note that their email addies have been changed!

QUA Ziltopia changed her mail addy to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

GRD Lazarus changed his email addy to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

that's all from me this week!


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