TOP GUN Begins


TOP GUN Begins

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen Gentlemen,
Welcome to the first day of Top Gun. This is where you get to stake your claim on being the best of the best, the elite. This is where you get to challenge your fellow warriors to combat, and succeed through sheer will, adrenaline, and skill. This is where you get to prove yourself worthy of being one of the Sith High Warrior's Avengers. Are you worthy, or are you soft?

The competition is simple my friends, you fight, they die.  There is no need to question yourselves, no need to question the motives.  At first, you will be fighting your brethren, your brothers and sisters from within your House. But do not worry, your enemies in combat now, will soon be your comrades, cheering you on to your victory.  Fight each other, fight so that you may prove you are supreme, and that you may have a chance to fight for your House's pride, and honour.  Fight so that you will be remembered as Elite!  

Okay, you have from August 2nd, 2002 until August 16th, 2002 to play as many ladder matches vs. your comrades in your House. Every victory you gain, is one step closer to representing your House for the ultimate prize. Every loss you have, is one step closer for one of your brethren to represent your House for the prize. There is no true losing in the preliminary round. It is merely the culling, the preparation for the main event. Fight your hardest, and be assured, that only the strongest member of your House will continue on to fight for your House's honour.


  • Matches will be 5/5 Unless Otherwise agreed upon
  • You may not play any individual more than two times.
  • There will be no using the "w" trick in XvT
  • Players must agree upon fighter craft prior to mission start.
  • Lag must be called, and play stopped prior to halfway point in the Mission.
  • No running away to recharge shields.
  • Each participant gets to deny two challenges. After that, you forfeit.
  • Matches are to be reported to your QUA, AED, Battle-Team Leader, and the SHW, and CC'd to your Opponent

    More details are available at Please remember, if you do not CC the SHW, your match will not be counted. Also, please remember to tell us what ladder the match was played on, whether it was XvT or XWA. Good luck Ladies and Gentlemen, and may the Dark Side guide your hand!

Sith High Warrior,
Warlord Keirdagh Cantor
"Beware, the Ides of March are Upon you!"

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