Aedile Report


Aedile Report

OK, here's the deal, AED comp for the month of November, and if I get any questions on when it starts, or when it ends, your entry into the comp will be discarded <g>

Now then, to the Batmobile, I mean to the details...this is a Mission Outline Comp. This is one of the items that are part of the Jedi Trials for Tridens. It is NOT the same as a Battleplan. Your mission is to make a mission, or at least explain to me how you WOULD make the mission, if you did make it.

Basically, if your mission creation skills are up to the challenge, make a mission with the guidelines I give, on the platform of your choice. If they aren't, then describe in as much detail as you can, what the mission WOULD be if you did make it. The more things you put in it (extras like briefing questions, true 3D waypoints, in-flight messages, etc) the better. The bare minimum is Flight Groups, arrival times, starting locations, orders and win conditions. Basically enough to just play the mission, in a very rough state. Include a minimum plotline file as well....explaining how Tridens and the Pirates are reacting....are the pirates attacking, fleeing, calling for more help, and what does Tridens command do. It can be a short story, a couple of paragraphs, or just the basics that I am giving you, and a couple of more sentences added to show what you have done.

And here's the details: Single Mission (Free mission) - Defense of PLT Aegis (or similar title, if you actually make the mission and wish to get it TAC approved). Pirate raiders, using an old chart decide to hit the Yridia sector, not knowing that Tridens has it's main base of operations around Yridia 2. At the time of the attack Stingray squadron is away on a training exercise, and Sub-zero squadron has just stood down and is off-duty. Starting Tridens forces are therefore only 1 T/I squadron (HammerHead) and the PLT Aegis. Total Tridens forces available will be 3 T/I squadrons, the PLT, and the Corellian Corvette Cerberus, which happened to be near enough to answer the call for help that the PLT issued. How long it takes for the extra forces to arrive on scene, is up to you. Remember, Sub-Zero will be launching from the platform, as soon as possible, and Stingray will be responding to the alert the PLT issued.

Pirate forces are up to you, but be reasonable...they were expecting to find a backwater planetary system, perhaps with a few defences....not a full Jedi Clan of Sith.

Remember, the goals of this comp are many-fold. Firstly, it is a chance for all of us to do something different. It is a way for those of you that will need to take the Trials to prepare. It will possibly add to the list of available DB missions. It will be a lot of fun, to see what ideas everyone has, and just to do this. Don't forget that the more entries received, the better the medals awarded will be, so help your Master or Apprentice to enter, encourage your wingmate to try it out, offer advice to your squadron, whatever you can do.

IF you know nothing about mission creation, there are IWATS courses that teach it, if you want to really learn, if not, just do the best you can, the information I am requesting shouldn't be too hard to just write down. I will take questions, and answer them the best I can.

So go out there, and show that Tridens doesn't just Fly missions, we make them!


WO/AD Pel/SSSD Sovereign [T/D "Falchion"]

[GSx2] [SSx2] [BSx4] [PC] [ISMx3] [MoI] [MoT -rh] [LoCx3] [MoC-13D-25P-14G-11S-16B] [CoL] [CoB] [OV-3E]


SBL (Sith)/AED/House Tridens of Clan Tarentum, GC/(SC)/DC/(BN)/CoL

"In Obscuritas Credemus"

The Anla'shok - "We're Watching You" </g>

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