Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


Greetings, everyone!

We've lost a good amount of peeps to the Rouges, but then again we've gained one. Let's welcome Novice Jerroth Zakkorn to the great HAD! Also, quite a few awards and promos were handed out, congrats to all! =)

Here's this weeks' report.

Main Report Shtuff!

10/24-10/31 Events:

  • 10/25: Talons Pryde was promoted to Guardian! Great going, bro! Unfortunately, we have lost ACO Detori Koth to the Rouges.

  • 10/26: NOV Jerroth Zakkorn has joined us! Yay!

  • 10/28: Crescent w/ Diamond Star (D) awarded to DA Mejas Doto. Go, you QUA-type peeps! Two Cluster of Fires (CF) were awarded to KP Khaen, and We have lost GRD Anga Salinas to the Rouges. =(

  • 10/29: DJK Dengar March was lost to the Rouges. =(

  • 10/30: Three Cluster of Fires (CF) were awarded to KP Khaen.

  • 10/31: Aidan is on a leave of absence.

End Main Report Shtuff!


With much flourish and all-around Timbal-isms,

KP Timbal

Minor medals go here</bow>

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