Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report



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       SBM Gidda reporting in for  Battle Team    Nightmare    Squadron

of Caliburnus, 10/31/02

Battleteam News:

  • Another HC Flying Competition, another good performance by Nightmare. Congratulations to SW Artyis that got 1st place in the TIE and XvT sections and to JH Zzyhtnu for his 3rd place in the XvT section! This brought to Nightmare's Showcase the following medals: Cr-S x3, Cr-E x2 and Cr-T. Unfortunately we only got a 50% participation, failing the 75% goal our Aedile asked us to reach.

  •       SW Artyis

    received a Dark Cross for his outstanding flying performance and general high activity. Artyis flew over 20 missions during last month plus some free missions. Moreover, he always participated in all House competitions. Keep up the good work and more medals will come! :-)

  • PRT Steiner transfered to Rogues list due to lack of time for the Dark Brotherhood. I'm looking forward to see you back in Nightmare when you'll have more spare time!

  • The HC run-on is still open! Visit: and leave a post. I'm gonna create a XWA mission (who knows, maybe a battle) based on the plotline of this run-on.

  • Don't forget to visit the House Training web site at A Dark Cross will be awarded upon the completion of 3 House Training courses.

** Current Orders:**

  • House Flying Competition, this will be round #4. Missions to fly are:




This time we must reach a 75% participation so I want to see at least a submission from everyone! I'm not asking for High Scores or all three missions, just a single pilot file from everyone. It isn't that hard, is it? Deadline is 11/10/02.

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</div> <div align="left"> Activity Reports:</div>

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** - SBM Gidda**

Awarded Cr-S, Cr-E x2

Completed XWAF 69, XvT 46, TIEF 106

- PRT Klaus Steiner

Transfered to Rogues list  

- SW Artyis

Awarded DC,

Awarded Cr-S x2,

Completed XWAF 69, XvT 46, TIEF 106

Completed many XWA, XvT and TIE battles

- DJK Dolza

          None, please report in!  

** - GRD Slawter Thren**

      Stays in contact, IRC activity  

** - ACO Altar**

Working on a new homepage for Nightmare squadron,

IRC activity

- JH Zzyhtnu

Awarded Cr-T,

Completed XvT 46, XWAF 68

** - JH A. G. Snijglau**

Completed XWAF 68, TIEF 106

IRC activity

<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" border="2" width="75%"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top" align="center">
Consular Pilot

                 <td valign="top"> **

SBM Gidda (Sith)/CMDR/Caliburnus of Scholae Palatinae


<small> {SA: CORE-S:ISET-S:ESET}</small> **

  <font color="silver" size="-1">-- Consular Pilot (October 

2002) --</font>

</td> </tr>

</table> <small> </small>

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