Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Tetrarch Daavak "Tronsta" Cantor reporting in for the Angels of Death Phyle, House Aleema of Satal Keto

November 1, 2002 Report #7

Tronsta sat on his bed in his quarters at Black Rock Fortress, site of the Master Student Competition. The first few days had been intense, to say the least. Maradis was, without a doubt, catching up on some much needed sleep. Team Epoch had slept very little since their arrival. And chances were the other Satal Keto teams had little sleep as well. The first event just finished up and already the weariness of it all wore on Tronsta like a weight around his neck. He laid himself out on his bed and closed his eyes.

In his mind he saw the remaining Angel's back at Satal Keto's headquarters. They went about their daily routines and was pleased to see most of them keeping themselves busy. He would send a message to the Team tomorrow, he thought.

He pondered the future of the Battleteam. What would come of them after the competition? He forced the visions from his mind and focused on meditation. He had failed himself in the first event, almost costing his life and the life of his student. He fought back tears once again, trying to forget the horrid visions that plagued him. Suddenly without warning, a robed figure came into view through Tronsta's eyelids...

"You dare waste your time sleeping? Get up! You have much work to do! Pain and suffering is the only hope for you! Purify yourself with such."

Daavak jumped to his feet, shaken from his encounter. This being was toying with him, for sure. Of was it? What ever it was, it was right. Daavak gathered his clothes and lightsaber and left his quarters. He decided to return to the woods that surrounded the Fortress and take the advice given him.

He left his ceremonial dagger back at CSK headquarters, but it wouldn't be hard to fashion a new one with all the bits and pieces of jagged materials he found in the forests.

He slashed his forearms half a dozen times and watched blood flow from the wounds. The pain stung badly, yet he knew forcing it away with his powers would be wrong. So he didn't. His vision dulled from the loss of blood. Pain and suffering to purify his spirit. So let it be...


AoD News:

1) Ok I STILL have not received any email check in's save for like one person. Maradis, I know your working and alive. Everyone though, including Maradis and Tatsu, of whom I just heard from this week, check in with me and let me know what you are up to! Even now I am thanking you!

2) Medals!!

Cluster of Fire for Sayo for Monday Night JK1 Training

Legion of the Scholar for Sayo for Second Place in Trivia

Legion of the Scholar for Kaiann for Creating Trivia

Rock on fellas! Keep up the good work!

3) Oh yeah, Sayo has returned! Lets welcome him back from his LoA!

4) We have our own forum on the main CSK message board. Get over there and post!

5) XRATH! WHERE ARE YOU!? Xrath's email has been burping back emails to me undeliverable. I heard from someone he is around but busy. If you see him please tell him to mail me as soon as he can and give me a heads up on what he is up to. THANKS!

Clan and House News:


1) Former SotN TET Page is now our AED!

2) Krath Battle Center!!! If you haven't already, sign up and battle!

If ya haven't already go check it out! Sign up and challenge someone!

A little short it seems, but good activity going on! One thing's not my style to call people out on public lists, ie saying who is and who isn't working or around, etc. No matter how inactive people may get, I won't do it. But I would appreciate getting some notice on who is around, who is working, etc. using private mediums ie a personal email to me.

With that being said, PLEASE make sure you check in with me this week and let me know that 1) You're alive and 2)You're working on something! Much appreciated!


KE Daavak "Tronsta" Cantor

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