Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Dark Greetings Cestus.

It's been a very good week for the house. I have seen a lot of Activity reports in my inbox good work.


Rage Maki(Lady Rage): -On IRC daily

                -worked a lot for the Phase 2 of the SA.   

                -submitted 4 screenshots of matches    

                -practiced a lot with QUA Gelton, AED Zetar,TM   


                -fought in different matches and tried out different settings like guns, no force, sabers, duels, matches with 5 other players and so on. I played against Maximus, Davey (Maniac), Gelton, Sukuth, Zetar, Eoth and Acidic. I am very proud of my match against Sukuth in which I lost but I managed to get 6 kills! And I am also proud to tell you that I managed 1 kill against Acidic.   

I also participated in the Saturday Tourney. I lost my first match against X-pilot already, which made me a bit sad but also angry because I knew I could have done better if I stayed calm. I will try to improve though :P

I am alot on the MB as you have seen with my other name LadyRage. I will try to get some other trainings matches as much as possible but Sukuth runs away the whole time.

Tygarin Cypher: -Competed in tourney on the weekend.. had to fight Acidic, so of course I lost. Played JK2 iwth a few people, otherwise I've been too busy looking for a job to do much more.

Obscurus; -submitted all of the necessary data for the AF webpage to my web designer. The page should finally be completed very soon. I am hoping to be able to include it in my SGT report

Sukuth: - active on IRC and mails

  • registered first competition for BoM

  • planning a JK2 trainings for BoM

  • participated in saturdays OHC tourney, 2nd place

  • building a website for BoM

Ereinion Qel Drome: - Have played JK2 on csk server, it has been too long since last time. Played Eoth and 'Cypher, and had a jolly good time :)Currently making banners for your banner comp, and making a website for myself.

Else, just hanging in #tarentum several hours a day..

Zekk: -Played More Rogue 2 (I know its not JK2 but its as close to a Star Wars game that I can play since I don't have my comp all the time, Also when it comes out I will get JK2 for the Game Cube :0)

 -Came on IRC to see who was on  

 - more updates to my website  

 - This Roll Master Report  

Well 5 reports this week not exactly an improvement from last. PLease do them, we cannot tell who is worthy of promotions unless you send me an activity report. If you need help on doing one take a look at how Sukuth and I do ours. Its really easy for me to see what you have done and to copy into my report.


No Promotions this week. If you are patiently waiting for a Promotion then kudus to you. Good things come with great patients.


Sukuth: -CoF x2,Crescent w/ Ruby Star x1

X-Pilot: -CoF x1

Talon Zetar: -Star of Eos

Good Job to all of you especially to Zetar Congrats!


Roster still stands at 23 Jedi.

Well thats all for me. Now remember send your activity reports on Thurday if not sooner. You wont get promoted unless you tell me what you have done. Every week I see the same people sending me their activity reports. For this week I want to see 5 new people who have never sent me an activity report to do so.

And If I have to I will make a list of every one who has sent me an activity report and send that out. That is all.

RM Zekk

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