Few have lived to see such times...


Few have lived to see such times...

Fellow members of the Dark Brotherhood:

It is a rare occurence when an event of epic proportions sweeps a SubGroup. Sometimes, these events are for the good - other times, they are for the bad.

Today, I announce to you an event in the style of the former. ;)

Dark Jedi Knight Dagger, Aedile of House Galeres, and myself, Obelisk Battlemaster Mage, Proconsul of Clan Arcona, are currently tied at 99 CF's apiece. Rather than race to 100, we have chosen to hold a special, separate match, to determine which of us will be the first Dark Jedi ever to hold 100 CF's - a landmark that will be remembered for generations of Jedi yet (we hope :P).

For any interested in being present for this momentous occasion, Dagger and myself will be having our history-making match on Sunday, September 8th, at 2 P.M. EST, channel #obelisk. We invite any and all members of the Brotherhood to attend - the more, the merrier. ;)

May the Force be with the strongest Jedi...

OBM Mage
Proconsul, Clan Arcona

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