Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Ronin Aedile Report

for 29th of November


Dark Greetings.

First of all big congratulation to Daniel on QUA position.  

Thank to Keiran, Frey and you Daniel for your trust in me and my command skills, I won't fail you.

News and plans :

  1. Black Omega CMDR position is open for aplications, send it to Daniel and CC me. As for now I appoint Blaine as A-CMDR, report al your activity to him, Blaine prepare weekly report for this week.

  2. House Ronin Knowledge Contest is on, also Obelisks from our Clan can take fart in it. Check here for more details:

  3. Warm welcome for two new members GRD Koriel and ACO Sultan.

  4. Activity is already on high level, however I would like to see each of you in my competition. There is totaly 9 medals to win, 3 for each section, don't miss that occasion.

  5. Read QUA's report to find out the orders.

  6. For better communication and activity, I expect you all to visit our Clan mIRC channel #Alvaak


QUA: SW Daniel Goad

AED: GRD Tissaya Argat

RM: DJK Dash Rendar

Black Omega:


A-CMDR: DJK Blaine

FM: PRT Chaose

FM: SW Kyle Katarn

FL: DJK Blaine

FM: PRT Marcin Szdlowski

FM: JH Linoge

FL: GRD Tainer

FM: GRD Thomas Nitecki

FM: GRD Mark Schueler


CMDR: PRT Chris Cox

FM: DJK Qui Nero

FL: PRT Bryan

FL: ACO Shikie


CMDR: SW Crix Madine

FM: PRT Krayt

FM: DJK Andrew

FL: DJK Dash Rendar

It's all for this week.

JH Tissaya Argat (Sith)/AED/Ronin of Alvaak

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