Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


Well december is finally here peeps. Its getting cold and every one should be in the happy spirt thing. Now there are a bunch of things to announce. First off let us give a congratz to are new OHC Exar Khaland. Now on to inner house news.

COCK = Over. Ektrosis won for all of you that doesnt know. Dinaari put up a good fight though and that is all we can ask. Good job.

Brigade Wars = Over. DF won that brigade wars. Good job CG on commanding the winning brigade. Good job to all other brigades for competing.


One join this week peeps. Let us all welcome Benevolent Whiner to house Dinaari.


Congratz to Freshjive. You have been promoted to the rank of GRD. You earned it.

And well i was told there was a medal awarded with in the house, but I dont have a mail on it in my box. So congratz to who ever got the medal. I am sure they earned it as well.

Well that about does it for this report.

May the darkness guide you all.

DJK Destavol Gin (Obelisk)/RM-TRP/Dinaari of Taldryan [GMRG: CRU-G]



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