Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

12/29/2002 House Archanis Weekly Report- SW-Rexal Qel

Greetings brother in darkness, I hope you had a great xmas. I’m watching grow this house week by week. We must be patience and we’ll see a third battle team soon.

However, we have a new order: to all of you who didn’t do the SA leadership course please run to do it before the first ten days of January.


IMPORTANT: send me a list with the names of the members you have directly recruited, I’ll award the best recruiter.

Now take a look to the numbers of this week:

-=Competition corner=-


This is the Dark Jedi Games site.


Recruitment campaign, posted on the Tally website.


TCC is open….fly, fly, fly…


SSL site.

-=Personal evaluations=-

Az and Pel your work is most appreciated. You’ll be rewarded.

The best pilot is JH Iceman, 62 missions in a week…impressive, most impressive.

Good job to ACO Wolverine for his good entrance.


ACO Mayk Wolverine to Crimson Vanguard, welcome




NOV Xavier to ACO


no medals this week….hmmm…strange :P


As every week:

I want your reports on my desk by saturday night or sunday morning. CON Tiger want this from now to a new order.

Join the Channels on mIrc sometimes at least #archanis and #taldryan

Do the competitions I've assigned to you and all the other.

Read and reply to msg boards:


At the moment we have to rebuild this House and it's my intention to reward all the members who will be active on this way. I accept suggestions.

Do Shadow Academy courses there are many and they are not so difficult to do.

-=QUA Escort points=-

The month is at the end but I will announce the sith champion and the escort the next one.

-=AWOL tracking=-

I have a personal list with all people who may be awoled soon. So I suggest you, and u know who u are, to do something asap.

my best wishes,

SW Rexal Qel (Sith)/QUA/Archanis of Taldryan



FL-FCA/CPT Rexal Qel/Spectre 2-1/Wing XVIII/SSD Avenger

PCx3/ISMx2/LoC-PSx47/CoL/CoB/OV-2E [CNTR] {IWATS-ICQ-M/1/2-RT-SM/2/3}

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