Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


A happy New Year to everyone, and here we go with the first Purgatory Report of 2003!!


Well, let's see.... SSL2 as usuaal..... Our TIE participation is extremely low, through no fault of our own though.... Love actually went out and bought TIE so she could fly with us!! Those of you without TIE.... please continue to fly for Purgatory, pick a battle, free mission, anything.... and get them flown and in to me. We've set an example of dedication and activity with our recent performances... so let's not let OO down by being active only in comps!!

Sadly, we are loosing Draco to a transfer... so I ask all of you to please recruit for Purgatory... we ARE the best Sith Battleteam in the DB, and we all know it!!


The XWA-Free#34s are activity carried over from before Christmas (no, I didn't do a report that week). Some of you are really lagging this week.... let's step it up!!

Darkfinn- TIE-TC#200, TIE-TC#4

"Love" Saris- BoP-Free#16, XWA-Free#34

Glorick- XWA-Free#34

Knight- (none)

Draco- XWA-Free#34

-=Final Items=-

Fly TIE-TC#200 for SSL!! It's due Sunday!!

That's all...

In darkness,

Sith Warrior, Captain, Dolsar V. "Darkfinn" Saris

--Shadow Academy Combat Instructor (Sith)

--Director, Project Evolution

FL/CPT Dolsar Saris/Kraken 3-1/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator




SW Darkfinn (Sith)/CMDR/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona



T/I: 'Hellkite' --Purgatory CMDR

T/D: 'Mawcor' --Kraken 3-1

"Make love AND war!!"</bow>

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