Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Well the End of Year/Start of Year functions are now over and I finally am getting some sleep so now onto the the news for the Sith Order this week!

1) Sith Squadron League Season 2 Championship match between Pandragon and Stingray is ongoing. Final Results will be posted after the deadline a week from this Sunday Evening. Good Luck to both Squadrons!

2) The Dark Jedi Games have come to a close, the events and scores were posted earlier this week, congratulations to Clan Scholae Palatinae and their solid win in the three way feud!

3) Great Jedi War Mission design hit a bump this week, but hopefully this won't be much of a problem. Secondary Sith Events have already been planned and approved, its shaping up to be a fun time. :)

4) The Industrial Points System has been completely revamped. The only way opt/ovl/zt sliced fighters will be available to House Squadrons is by special Award by the Sith High Warrior and the Grand Master. You can use Industrial Points to still upgrade your current craft, or purchase of the Starfighters available in the X-Wing Alliance Platform, except the Missile Boat.

5) Multiplayer Events will become a primary focus following the Great Jedi War, until then we are trying to set up Melee Nights with the Obelisk Order, should be a fun time, and remember for the Sith who do play JK2 you can still play at Obelisk Competitions, they're open to any one of any order. Until the Sith has its own Melee Nights please take advantage of the TIE Corps nights. I know General Kaerner, Colonel Reinthaler, and myself represent Tau Squadron at the melee nights quite frequently, so come play with us!

6) Magistrates to the Sith High Warrior have not been chosen at this and may not be for awhile, sorry, but right now isn't the best time to bring people into the fold anyway, trust me. :)

7) Shadow Academy Courses, I have been approached by multiple members about this. If you have an idea, email a proposal to myself and the Headmaster OBL Mage. Writing courses is a good way to get noticed around here.

Colonel Synjin "Hades" Erebor, Sith Battlelord
Sith High Warrior, and member of the Grand Master's Escort Tau Squadron

CSP won the Sith portion, but the Dark Jedi Games have yet to be fully scored and everything tallied up.

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