Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

This week has primarily been a planning week for the Great Jedi War in the Office of the Sith High Warrior, here is a status report.

1) Great Jedi War Mission Single Player Mission creation for all intensive purposes is complete. My Office and some close advisors are still running testing of missions, to work out some last minute bugs, especially with my XWA mission that some people cough think is too difficult for a competition, aw well I think these missions will still be really fun. I want to thank those people who helped in this endeavor, you guys know who you are.

2) The Sith Bonus Events have been planned out and approved for the Great Jedi War, these events will not involve combat, but I think the Sith are creative enough to do these competitions justice, so basically the Sith end of the Great Jedi War is ready for action. Multiplayer Events and structure will be released at a later time. I know some members of the DB are not Multiplayer Savvy in the cockpit, but just give it a shot and practice a little at melee nights. Personally I'm not very good at Multiplayer, Single Player was always my strongpoint, but recently I've got into it more, and if anyone wants to practice just message me on IRC, I' usually in #DB or # Tau Squadron.

3) Awards were given out for individual achievements in the Sith Portion of the Dark Jedi Games, congrats to all of those who competed. Also Awards were given to the Squadrons of House Caliburnus. The original award was going to be a Flight of TIE Defenders which under the new Industrial point System is a little too farfetched. I came to the decision to over them the choice of a Flight of either the TIE Experimental Mark 1, IE Experimental Mark 2, and IE Experimental Mark 4. Caliburnus has chosen the TIE/Ex Mark 2. In large Sith Operations like Clan Feuds with more than two Clans, Rite of Supremacy, and the Sith Wars, I believe we will be awarding similar craft to the ultimate winners of these events.

4) This Sunday at 11:59 PM EST is the due date for the Sith Squadron League Championship. The Battle once again is Battle 76, Mirror Universe. Good luck to Stingray Squadron and Pandragon Squadron.

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord
FM/COL Hades/Tau 1-4/MC Tripidium, IC/GOE/GSx2/SSx3/BSx5/PCx5/ISMx3
[CNTR] {IWATS-RT-SM/1} [A-9b: Nazgul], SBL (Sith)/SHW/Dark Council [KSOE:ENV]

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