Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Greetings Blades of Malice,

report of our BT incoming.

First of all I want to say sorry for no report last week. It was from most part caused by getting stuff for my comp after I upgraded it and also very busy week at high school because it was the closing week of the first half in this school year. So, everything should be fine again, sorry again.


Unfortunatly, our numbers went down to 7 members. PRT Daryan left us because of RL busyness. Oh well he at least promised that he will be back one day so we shall see. We gotta work with what we have.


No medals and no promotions this week, though one is very, very close. :P


Ok, as I stated higher, I am back again as in entirely back. :P And now we are very close to the GJW, if it wont get delayed again. And I also still think that BoM can do pretty well there. I hope we will and that we will not let others stand in our way and that together with AF and BoF we will rule the GJW. Any doubts? :P

Remember the new activity procedure we have, from now on I collect your activities and send them higher to our house summit. I am also often on IRC so you better be there for competitions and so on so I see you active. :P I dont have much to report this week but what can I say is that Lorn Blahde has participated in GMRG competitions so there comes activity credit for him. I've also seen LadyRage online, Ereinion (idle most of the time :P) and of course Zekk, who also took part in the GMRG competition. But the others - you should do something to improve the activity. :P

OK, hope it's all I wanted to say this week, see you around.

DJK Sukuth (Obelisk)/M:CoG-SGT/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: GLD]

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