Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Ronin

Aedile Report

24th of January

Aedile thoughts.

Welcome back Mike!! And grats on FL position, now lets hope B.O will back to it's glory :) Also warm welcome and welcome back to Drake Jensen and Jer Stryker!! :) It's great to see you with us!! :) Drake joined Harbinger team. Jer I put you to Black Omega. If from any reason you wish to channge the team let me know, and write why.. :P  

Now we got to say good bye to JH Blade.. he decided to go back to Taldryn..well good luck on your way.  

Just to make it clear once again. Never question your superiors decisions. If we order something, we expect it to be done. If we do something, don't question it, we can explain things, but we won't explain ourselves.

Visit Alvaak homepage, it has been created with great help of KAP CyberGuy. It's located here   

I also plan House Ronin homepage, and am in the middle of work at it. Soon you will see the result :)

I believe you read DB news.. don't you? :) Well, KHP Tronsta just set up new, cool and funny competition. I'll take part in it and I hope you will as well. For more details go to DB News page :)  


  1. We said goodbye to JH Blade. But we wlcomed three members :) Again hello to Mike, Drake and Jer, great to see you guys. Don't forget visit our 'cantina' (#alvaak)

  2. I've got an apprentice on his way to us.. just one more phase and he'll join us :)

  3. Blaine's trivia ends in 4 days, if you haven't submitt your stuff et, do it now.. :)

  4. To remnid Last Men Standing competition beings in the first days of Febuary, be read.


You got only few days for trivia submissions.

Take a look at HR run on.

Practice, and once again practice before GJW.


JH Blade: Sentinel Team FM --> House Archanis

JH Mike: Rogue --> Black Omega Team FL

PRT Drake Jensen: Rogue --> Harbinger Team FM

ACO Jer Stryker: Rogue --> Black Omega FM


NOV Ulath --> ACO

PRT Davi Anthol --> GRD


DJK Chris Cox: DC

PRT SAvageAz: DC

PRT Wisal: DC

GRD Davi Anthol: DC

That'd be all for this week.

In the Darkness..

SW Tissaya Argat (Sith)/AED/Ronin of Alvaak



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