Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Well this week has been a little bit slow as far as work from me, it was my first week of classes in the new semester and my IRC time is being limited because of School and Social obligations, the best way to contact me is still via email through my AOL account.

1) First and foremost the Sith Order Great Jedi Wars competitions are completed and have been for a week. I'm looking into some ways of fine tuning some aspects of the non-flight competitions.

2) I'm very pleased that some of that some of the open commander positions in various Houses have been filled this week and last, hopefully their leadership will be an added bonus. I am also very pleased that House Galthain has been able to open up a third Squadron.

3) The Sith Squadron League as previously posted has finished its second season. Congrats again to Stingray Squadron with their victory.

4) Many Houses such as Galthain Caliburnus and now HLK are doing internal competitions which Industrial Points can be awarded for, you simple need to talk to me before the competition. Make sure to compete in these competitions its good to keep honing battle skills in preparation for the GJW.

5) Currently I am working on a few new Sith Order Courses for the Shadow Academy concerning Starship statistics and basic Battle Tactics. Hopefully these will be completed and sent to the HM for his approval in the next couple weeks.

6) The third season of the Sith Squadron league will be up following the Great Jedi War which will coincide with a Multiplayer Squadron League, I believe this will be a fun activity for Multiplayer Sithlings out there.

Colonel Hades, Sith Battlelord
FM/COL Hades/Tau 1-4/MC Tripidium, IC/GOE/GSx2/SSx3/BSx5/PCx5/ISMx3
[CNTR] {IWATS-RT-SM/1} [A-9b: Nazgul], SBL (Sith)/SHW/Dark Council [KSOE:ENV]

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