Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Two weeks down, and Reinthaler is still wearing his clothes. This is a new record.

If you read nothing else: FLY FOR ROUND ROBIN 2!!!


NOV Lump Joins Ghostrider

PRT Xura Verr Joins Ghostrider

A warm welcome to Lump (my other little bro) and Verr (a new Tau squadmate, who needed

even more action)

NOV Lump promoted to ACO

NOV Sloth promoted to ACO

Congrats to Lump and Sloth, who were promoted to ACO for their fine participation in the

MP ladder. Lump actually won a bunch of games!

Delphain gets two new FLs

We had SW Akul for about a day before he moved up into a Delphain FL position. Thanks

for the good work anyway, Draco. Hopefully RR2 will show him what he's missing. >:) My

favorite Galthainer, Luke Morin has unfortunately also moved out of stealing range by

becoming Delphain's other FL. Congrats to both of them.

Wargame In the Works!

Details are either top secret or not figured out yet. But start getting excited. Planning has

begun for the coolest comp ever, for after the GJW.

Note on MP Activity Reporting:

Since we're a DB squad, I feel like it's not quite right to report MP activity people do in

#ehcoc in these reports. I'm going to find out very soon about Sith MP Competitions from

hades. I'll definitely be happily reporting and accepting any SP battles you fly, but in terms

of MP, I'll only be reporting Clan ladder and DB competition activity.



Gentlemen, this is VERY important. Please send your completed battle to me, Pyralis and

Hunter as soon as you finish it. We need all the points we can get. Sometimes the other

squads are lazy, and sometimes they're not. We have to operate on the assumption that

they're not, and prove that we aren't either. Three of us have completed it. Three others have

already started working on it, and Mell has committed to do it on Saturday. Thank you

to all who have submitted and will submit soon.

Pick one and fly it. Scored as a squadron based on point system based on current high score.

TIE-TC 199 (195,705):

XvT-DB 7 (403,649):

XWA-TC 23 (87,274):

15% of the high score 1 pt

30% of the high score 2 pts

45% of the high score 3 pts

60% of the high score 4 pts

75% of the high score 5 pts

90% of the high score 6 pts

100% or more of the high score 8 pts

Best squadron takes all the medals, awarded to Top 3 pilots in that squad. Please even if you don't

have time to get an awesome score, every submission will help Ghostrider.


Yep, it's still my least favorite thing in the world to do. But it's almost over! The only

requirement I have is that the recruitee be able and willing to fly MP games. We gained

Lump, Verr, and Akul this week. Unfortunately Akul vanished,

but good job nonetheless.

Lump and Verr are in. JoeyC is on leave and will be coming back this weekend to complete his

Phase 2 training. Draco has some other yodasomething guy who is currently going through the

signup process.

"Why are we almost done," you say? I have two spots reserved for VIPs who I am currently

working on (it may take a while), so I will consider the squad full at 10 members right now. As

of today we have 7. Draco's two recruits working through the APP system make 9. So all we

need is one more, and we can stop worrying about recruiting. Please, if you have someone in

mind let me know. If I knew about Akul before he showed up, we may have been able to keep

him. Otherwise, great job Draco recruiting. Now pull those guys through!


I'm very happy to report that everyone in Ghostrider has at least flown once for the ladder (except

verr, who cannot host, and can only 2v2.) Now you guys need to fly each other and get some wins

(not just me!). After Sunday I'm going to get back to stressing the MP ladder again.

For the sake of any new recruits coming in next week and reading this:

Ladder is at our website.

Signup for the site at:

Signup for the Sith ladder at:

Rules are 1 Point for a Victory, 0 Points for a loss.

3 matches max vs. a person.

Comp ends the day the GJW starts.

Top 3 on the ladder get some sort of crescents.

You can sign up for the obbie ladder too if you like that kinda thing.

PRIORITY 4: General New Squad stuff

I made/stole/improved a little ghostrider head graphic. You can check it out on my

spiffy new grant of arms. I resaw Mell's cool lightening page and maybe we can

work to alter it for a simple Ghostrider page.


GRD Big Daddy Recruited Verr

Won DB trivia (weird).

Submitted a lame RR2 score with XvT-DB7

Submitted a not-so-lame RR2 score with TIE-199

Flew TIE: TC2, TC3, TC4

Went 5-0 on the Sith ladder (Winning is FUN too)

DA Reinthaler

Demolished for RR2: XWA-TC23

Flew TIE: DB1, DB2, DB3

Made snazzy new Galthain banner

Awarded Dark Cross for said banner! (Congrats)

ACO Sloth

Promoted to ACO for competition participation.

Currently playing XWA-TC23 for RR2

ACO Lump

Promoted to ACO for outrageous competition participation.

Went 3-3 on the Sith Ladder (You rock!)

Currently playing XWA-TC23 for RR2

GRD Draco

Recruiting MACHINE: JoeyC, Yodaguy, Akul

Went 0-1 on the Sith ladder (See that wasn't so hard :) )

Did RR2 but won't submit?(sketchy)

SW Mell Kerrigan

Went 0-1 on the Sith Ladder in Twings.

Won his championship pool game 5-4 (Again)

PRT Xura Verr

Currently playing XWA-TC23 for RR2

APP Naggarok (JoeyC)

Returning from leave this weekend. Needs to fly Phase 2 Training. Come to #csk and get 4 people to MP you!


Sith Squadron Ghostrider of House Galthain of Clan Satal Keto

CMDR Guardian Big Daddy ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

FM Dark Adept Reinthaler ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

FM Acolyte Sloth([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

FM Acolyte Lump([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

FL Guardian Draco ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

FL-XO Sith Warrior Mell Kerrigan ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

FM Protector Xura Verr ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Battle Team Roster: 7 Members = Let's speed up those APPs.

Submitted in Darkness,

GRD Big Daddy (Sith)/Ghostrider CMDR/Galthain of Satal Keto

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