Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Dark Greetings Jedis,

this is report #12 dating 21.01.2003.


As often a small group of members is showing a lot of activity and over the half of the house is quite inactive. But there is hope because several now not so acitve members have asured me they will reactivate themselves for the GJW, would good because we need every single member there.

A:RM Reblet sent his report out to the whole mailgroup so no extra mentioning here this time.


Still waiting for a starting date of the GJW. But related to this I want to mention my mail again I sent out last week. Everyone who hasn´t turned in his evaluation sheet please do so now you have still time until the 30th, I won´t be happy about anyone who hasn´t sent in his sheet until then.


Two members have decided to leave Cestus one is Daryan due to RL problems and the other is Slawter Thren woh changed Order and became a Sith again. Therefore we are down to 25 members:

OBL Michael Halcyon

OBM Ziguarath

OW Gelton Torr - QUA

DJK Darkov

DJK Glorfindel

DJK Sukuth - Battleteam SGT Blades of Malice / Trial Master

DJK Talon Zetar - AED

JH Sickman

JH Zekk - Rolemaster

GRD Eoth Kun - Battleteam SGT Battalion of Fear

GRD Hev Randrowan

GRD Obscurus - Battleteam SGT Armoured Fist

PRT Ereinion Qel Droma

PRT Lorn Blahde

PRT RageMaki

PRT Reb Crush

PRT X-Pilot

ACO Marcus Gladius Octavianus

ACO Sen Hart

ACO Son Goku

ACO Tygarin Cypher

NOV Bane

NOV Darchtra

NOV Death MD

NOV Yukito

I apologize for displaxing a complete incorrect roster in my last report this time I checked it thoroughly.


None this week


No service awards this week but a nice ammount of comp medals:

Sukuth: 2 CFs, Crescent with Ruby Star

Reblet: 3 CFs, Crescent with Ruby Star, Crescent with Diamond Star

Gelton: 1 CF, Crescent with Ruby Star

I hope I remembered all medals.

That concludes my report

                                                                         In Deep Respect  


                                                                             Gelton Torr   

(§§§§§§ {[]}§)(((::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-

OW Gelton Torr (0belisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: CRU-G]


"Shadow is my Armor, Darkness is my Shield, Fear is my Sword"


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