Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Greetings to all,

First off I have to start with an apology to not only my BT this time, but the entire house. I must be the worst SGT in the history of the BoF. And I am lucky that you¡¦re all active with or without me. Still I will try to do better. Where I was now? Well I had some problems last week or so. First with my internet and mailing, secondly and more important in real life. I will not go into this but I will say it was bad, and the DB wasn¡¦t a thing I was thinking about.

Now these problems are not over I did find that it was time to let you know and get some things on the road.

As it is now so that I as SGT have to report on Activity you all have to send them to me. As you know I already wanted this to keep an eye on things, but now you all have to. I have only received a report by Reb, and he has still done the activity report this week, as acting RM.

Of course I will not say anything about this as my activity was at a low point again, so I have no clearance to say anything about it.

A special congrats has to be made to Reb Crush, for his activity and skills. He has received several medals for several battles. Since last report he now has received A Crescent with Ruby Star. A Crescent with Diamond Star and four CF¡¦s. Well done!

Also he has passed some more studies, as has Ziguarath, so congrats on that too.

Now for the rest¡K.. Well actually there is little more I can report about. The reason why is two folded. Firtsly as said before I haven¡¦t been around much to catch the info first hand. So I myself can not say anything about this. However, sadly, with the mailing problems I haven¡¦t received much other info from others and thus can not tell you anything about this.

Is this bad? Yes it is. But it gives me a chance to report about the most important event of coming time.

You will surely have heard about it by now, but I will tell again. That¡¦s right the Great Jedi Wars. You all know it¡¦s importance, of course but remember that it is not only important for our Clan and House but also for your place inside the DB. So I expect all of our members to join in this war, and do the best we can. And try to do even better than that ƒº

We are a large house and our strength should be known by all, and this is our chance! So reply to the mail send out to Gelton, on your skills.

For any questions please seek out the Council for the GJW. And we are in luck because two council members are within the BoF, Ziguarath and Mike (aka Obi-Wan) So there is no excuse for you not knowing about the way it¡¦s all gonna work.

As for the rosters, there have been no alterations, so we still stand at 8.

The roster is:

GRD Eoth Kun

OBL Mike Halcyon

OBM Ziguarath

DJK Darkov

PRT Reb Crush

ACO Tygarin Cypher

NOV Darchtra

NOV Yukito

That was all for this week. Stay active and have fun, that¡¦s all that counts

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